xDrip+ missed reading alert

Does anyone know how to turn down the volume of the xDrip+ missed reading alert. I have:

14fecb8-2019.01.10 [Android: google]

Until recently the alert had a reasonable volume, now it seems to be maxed out; klaxon, nuclear bomb arriving, level. The question seems ridiculous to me, I’m sure I found how to control the volume overrides before, but I can’t see it now.

John Bowler [jbowler, ACM]

Not sure if this thread is applicable, but it seems lately more than a few people are having alarm volume issues.

This seems to be the problem; somehow Android allows an override on the “media” volume level, xDrip+ uses this, but then the volume gets “stuck” at the max. Indeed, on several occasions I’ve tried hitting the “volume down” button on my phone (my phone has physical buttons) and it does nothing for the missed signal alert.

John Bowler