My Dexcom cannot be quieted!

Anyone had this problem? I’m using an iPhone XR and recently I have been unable to turn down the volume of Dexcom G6 alarms. Even with (I think) every volume control turned to the lowest possible volume before it becomes silenced, Dexcom alarms blurt out at MAXIMUM volume and it is very disruptive in most environments. Thanks for any help you can provide!

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Some of the alarms can be quieted, but the emergency one for “urgent blood sugar low” cannot be and does seem to come out at max (I have the same phone). I don’t think the OS has an option to disable speaker access for an individual app, so I just use the switch on the LHS of the case to turn off all impromptu sound. This doesn’t prevent sound coming out, e.g. when playing music/videos, it just stops the iPhone burping and so on; it becomes completely quiet unless asked, which is the way I like it.

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Thanks for responding. I’m getting that Max volume for all alarms, though-even high or rising-when both volume indicators that I know of are set as close to off as possible (I still wish to be notified, just not freaked out by blasting alarm.) I’m sure this is a relatively recent glitch, as previously I could adjust alarm volumes and not annoy others so much. Guess I need to consult with Dexcom.

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You turned down the volume in Settings > Sounds & Haptics? The volume control buttons on the side of the phone might not do it, and the volume control in the Control Center also might not do it.

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Hold the XR in your left hand and move your thumb up the left side, above the volume buttons. You will find a small switch, yes, seriously, '70s switch:

It will look as in the above picture; you need to hold the phone thumb on the front, fingers on the back and play with it using your right hand. You will find it moves up and down (like I said, '70s). If you put it down:

the darned thing will shut up. No unasked-for noise. (Alarms you set still work, music, video, Google Maps directions, but nothing impromptu interrupts the blissful silence.)


Hooray! I had already turned down the volume in Control Center and on side of phone. And when I went to Sounds & Haptics in Settings I noted that Ringer and Alerts was also turned all the way down (slider to extreme left) and that Change with Buttons was highlighted (in on-green position) so I thought all was right. But volume was still maxed out. After reading your advice on Sounds & Haptics, however I wondered what would happen if I turned the volume up just a little and Voila! I can now control the sounds of everything using the buttons and CC slider. Seemed weird, however, that before I could still control ringer volume, but not the Dexcom alerts volume. Can different apps respond differently with respect to these controls? With the Sounds & Haptics slider turned “up” just a little, I can now hear the alerts without bothering those around me.

Guess I’ll need to play with these multiple sliders a bit in order to gain a more complete understanding of volume controls. I think that the Sounds & Haptics may just control the maximum range of the physical and Control Center buttons, because when I slide the S&H up higher the volume range seems to expand when controlled by side buttons. Anyway, thank you all for your help in quieting my life!


There isn’t one volume control to rule them all. Entirely reasonable though that might be each sound-type has its own currently set volume. With the default setup (I don’t know if it can be changed) the physical buttons on the left control the volume of the specific sound-type that is playing; iOS doesn’t seem to allow sound-types to be combined or even different sounds, so only one thing can be playing.

The Dexcom app certainly seems to use multiple sound-types. I think it might use the one for alarms and the one for rings “ringer” (as in alarm clock and telephone respectively), it might even use the one for Lerts. I can’t find where the on-screen volume controls are, maybe they aren’t but most likely an iExpert can speak authoritatively. There seem to be a lot of sound-types; they get named when the volume buttons are used (that’s where I got “ringer” from, dead ringer in my case :wink:

It is definitely iConfusing.

On my XR at present my “ringer” volume is set to 0, or minimum, but my sound’n’haptics “Ringer and Alerts” volume is set to about 0.6, and “Change with Buttons” is on. Go figure, or, my approach, give up; iIncomprehensible, TGFT70s.