Audio dropouts on iPhone with latest updated to Dexcom app?

Ever since upgrading to the latest version of the Dexcom iPhone app (v1.7.5), the audio on my phone decreases in volume by about 50% for a couple seconds every few minutes. I don’t have any direct evidence that it’s actually the Dexcom app, but it’s suspicious since the recent changes in the app had to do with audio, and the app has always felt a little strange, leading me to question its quality.

Before I go blaming the Dexcom app, has anyone else here noticed these problems after upgrading?

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I will check the version on my son’s phone, but we haven’t noticed anything like this.

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I will check tonight also on my son’s phone and see if we notice the same problem.

I am having the opposite problem. My keyboard click increases quite a bit for a few seconds.

I also have the “disappearing Done button” problem seen in the Canadian version, too.

Dexcom has a track record of low quality releases, so it doesn’t surprise me.

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I have both issues. The volume will randomly reduce while listening to music, and my keyboard clicks will increase in volume randomly. If you go into the Dexcom App while listening to music, it will reduce the volume by the exact same amount and stay there the entire time you are in the App. If it isn’t fixed soon, I’m not sure what I am going to do, because I use my phone way too much for it to be this messed up because of a D app.

Oh and I KNOW its the Dexcom app. I was out of transmitters for 2 months. Just got them in, started one on Sunday, and this issue started as soon as I started up the sensor. No other changes to my phone. I even tried updating to iOS 11.2.6 last night hoping that might help. Nope.


I’ve been forced to enter calibrations from my receiver because the app is just broken. Multiple uninstalls. I prefer entering the calibration on the phone but it just isn’t possible atm. I also have the same sound and clicking issues.

Also, welcome @floreksa!


Thanks! Found this site by way of TuDiabetes asking about this issue over there. LOL


I am having this problem as well—super annoying!


I talked to Dexcom tech support about this issue today. They are aware of the problem and they say fixing it is a high priority (which I believe), but they won’t predict when it might be fixed, and the only solution is to just wait.

It’s frustrating that this is happening, but it was good to hear that they know about it and are working on it and are able to patiently discuss it with a customer.


Thanks for sharing your Dexcom feedback. It helps those of use who didn’t find time to make the call.