Xdrip+ prevent 2 hour delay on restart

Hi all, sorry if this has been asked and answered before but I couldn’t find anything to help with my specific issue.

I am using a g5 with xdrip+ (recent nightly build) and whenever I restart the sensor I am forced to wait the full 2 hours. My process of restarting is as follows:

1 - sensor stops (or I stop it)
2 - start new sensor
3 - set time I inserted sensor, which is usually at least a week ago
4 - start sensor.

Now my understanding is that setting an insertion time of more than 2 hours ago should mean a near instant startup?

Is there something terribly obvious I’m doing wrong here? Any help would be much appreciated!


Welcome @Hellis I am not an Xdrip+ user so I cannot say, but @docslotnick should be by shortly with an answer. In the mean time don’t worry about re-asking questions, we are a forum so questions are our lifeblood.

Thanks for the warm welcome Chris! I’ve been using Xdrip for a few months now, but am still far from an expert and the documentation is pretty opaque from what I can find so I’m sure I’ll be asking many more questions!

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Hi @Hellis You are correct with the G5. Setting the insertion time two hours earlier should shorten the wait time for readings, but probably not the full 2 hours.

The only problem is that you will have wildly variant readings for about an hour.

Alternately, if you use a watch as the collector you can avoid the two hour wait. The watch just ignores it. But the first few readings after sensor start are way off, and it doesn’t settle down to believable for about an hour.

I use the watch as collector and calibrate a new sensor at 40 minutes and then again at 70 minutes, and get good readings on the watch and directional arrows on the phone.

Be aware this only works with the OB1 mode. If you use Native mode you have no choice but to wait the full 2 hours from starting the sensor. This is because in Native mode everything is controlled by the transmitter and not by xDrip+.

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Ah that explains it. I am using the native algorithm as I found this gave me more accurate results a while back when I was having some accuracy issues. Is there any reason this should be the case that you know of?

Unfortunately my watch (Ticwatch S2) can’t act as a collector, at least in my experience. Unless having the native algorithm set affects this as well somehow?

Thanks for your reply, and for clarifying what was going wrong.

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Different algorithms work better for some people, but Native mode seems to be most universal. Because it relies on the calibrated Bg from the transmitter and not the raw data, it is exactly the same readings as you’d get in the Dexcom app or receiver.

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Ok great, thanks so much for clarifying.