G5 Algoritm and xDrip+

For you folks who are simply too tied to the Dexcom algorithm to try xDrip+, I’d like to let you know that xDrip+ includes the Dexcom transmitter algorithm for your Bg tracking pleasure.

The transmitter algorithm also enforces the 2 hr. initial warm-up , and you have to manually start the sensor after 7 days. It is unknown at this point whether the transmitter stops transmitting after 112 days use, but an automatic switchover to xDrip+ has been programmed.

It is in the latest beta and can be found under “G5 debug”.


I think there is an xDrip starter’s guide posted somewhere around here. If you know where it is, maybe you can post a link for people not familiar with xDrip.

I posted it, but as soon as I heard you were looking for, I deleted it :imp:

Seriously, changes have been coming so fast that as soon as I finished it was outdated. It’s also an incredibly difficult project. Besides my innate laziness.

So, no, there has been no starters guide published, here or elsewhere.

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No, it wasn’t really for me. Just for anyone else that is interested in doing XDrip.

Dexcom is frequently way off the mark for me, and I don’t think xDrip makes it more accurate. So no real reason for me to use it.