XDrip+ Momentum Curve

Just found an opportunity to show the xDrip+ momentum curve in action. I had mentioned it a couple of weeks ago and have been waiting for a good example.

I ate a low carb breakfast that I have not been bolusing lately. Bg was 93, the directional arrow going straight. But look at the red line going up fairly steeply, and having some length to it. The momentum curve said I should take some insulin, and I took a small amount.

This will likely save me from a larger correction in an hour.


That’s fancy stuff.

Can you share what the green and purple are?

Green is active insulin from the 5u bolus, and purple is the prediction of what the Bg track will look like.

Seems to be working

I thought the red was the prediction. What is the difference between the red and the purple?

Also, what hardware is required to run XDrip+?

@Eric Red is momentum. It gets darker with intensity of the momentum.

@Chris Just an Android phone

Ok, so I’m busted. XDrip+ was telling me 69, but I felt much lower. Finger stick confirmed by at 45. I had to get it up quickly as I was working on patients so it was juice time at 21g carbs.

You can see that thetrack was rewritten and the thin gray line is the original track.

Momentum is going up, but it’s lunch time and I’ll add a couple units to my lunch bolus to compensate.