xDrip - adjusting the bolus activity profile

Greetings all,
I recently switched from Glimp to xDrip+ and am finding it a more powerful resource. However, the stock ‘action time’ of 3hrs for bolus injections feels a little low to me…is there a way of altering this? i see in the reams of menus (settings>>xDrip predictive simuation settings>low level prediction values>insulin duration in hours) - which sounds sort-of what i wanted, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. it looks like this is perhaps related to something else.
Does anyone know how to do this?
Also, what are the liver sensitivity ratios all about? i’m not sure i’ve ever come across such a measure. what does this do? is it related to carb absorbtion times…?
many thanks indeed.

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Yes, this is the setting that corresponds to the insulin action time. It will be depicted in the home graph in both the insulin action line and the prediction line. HWR, you must FORCE CLOSE xDrip+ app after you change this setting in order for it to take effect.

I don’t think these preferences are used, at least I don’t see that they are referenced anywhere in the code.

Thank you - works well. Not sure why it’s hidden in that menu… but anyway. I use Novorapid and think 4hrs is a better estimate than 3hrs, but like everything in this game, it varies…

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There are tonnes of features in this app i plainly have no clue about. Where is the best on-line resource to learn more about it?

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Yes, lots of settings!

You may already have these links but I include them below:

Github root folder
Github Documentation folder
Gitter forum monitored by xDrip+ devs
Facebook xDrip+ community