Entering dosages on xDrip+ - can I find a very detailed explanation?

I’m now entering insulin dosages (on doctor’s request). Is there a way to just have it be entered at whatever time I’ve selected on the main graph page? You can enter in “time” with the clock icon but it’s just a bunch of numbers, doesn’t indicate what I’m entering in relation to actual time or whether it’s AM/PM – best would be to just be able to hit one of the dots and have it enter the time as that. Alternately, is there a way to move or a erase a dosage mark after it’s entered? I entered a couple wrong ones timeline-wise and need to move or erase them – I don’t want to enter any wrong ones in again so it doesn’t confuse things for me or my doctor, is why I’m asking these questions. Thanks!

Entering dosages is new for me so I just need a very clear explanation if possible. :slight_smile:

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What app are you using?

Whoops, didn’t enter that. Just corrected it – xDrip+.

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To delete a treatment, long press the treatment on the graph, select add note, then delete.

AFAIK, the treatment time defaults to the current time.


@Headlands in XDrip , there is also the ability to speak treatments (though I don’t personally use this feature). Press the eyedropper in the upper right side of the main screen to open the treatments (insulin, food, etc.). On the lower right corner of the treatment pop-up box will be a microphone icon. This will allow you to speak treatments if desired.

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Thanks all.

So is there a way to change the time that you’ve entered after you’ve already entered it, if a mistake was made? And if it’s with the same dialog, what do the numbers correspond to as far as am/pm since they’re just six numbers in a row with no separation or indication of am/pm (unless I’m just missing something)?

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@Headlands It’s in 24 hour format, and the minute dot is automatically entered. .So, say, 11:55am is entered as 1155. And 3:45pm is entered as 1545.

Ahhhh, thanks. Got it.