Xdrip watch spoken treatment?

Does anyone successfully use their smart watch and xdrip to record spoke carb/bolus treatments? I’m following these steps from github documentation:

1. Associate the Spoken Treatment app with "Take a note" Action in your phone's Android Wear for the watch. Your phone may also have the option to select Google Keep as well.
2. Say "Ok Google" to your watch.  It is slow so you have to speak clearly. Then say, "Take a note". The watch should display the speak icon.
3. Then speak your treatment, slowly and distinctly, for example, "1 carb".  This activates the Spoken Treatment activity with the mic icon. Press the mic icon, and the approval screen should be displayed.

That last sentence doesn’t seem to bring up the approval screen. We started using the Sony Smart watch 3, G6, and a Samsung phone to help our 6 year old check his values at school and it’s working great. He wants to take the next step to log treatments. I am able to input treatments by tapping the watch face, but the spoken just won’t save… at the point where I should see the “save treatment” xdrip page, the watch just goes to the home face/screen showing the trend and values.

Anyone face this? I am sure it’s user error…! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow, how things have changed. Sounds like something from the Jetsons cartoons.

Much has changed since I was diagnosed in 60s, at age 5!

Hope someone can help, that would be awesome for your son. I know some apps let you take picture, but not sure if they can calc carbs.

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@cdawg I’ve been entering treatment on my watch for a couple years. But just now is the first time I’ve tried speaking the treatment.

It fails for me the same way you describe. I can get the watch to understand the treatment, but when I press the microphone to save, it just goes back to the home screen without saving.

I’ll have to investigate…

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