Xdrip+ has long delays

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I have my Xdrip+ app set up as a follower (of Dexcom share) as I’m sort of railroaded into using the Dexcom app where I live. I managed to get Xdrip+ working and connected to my Garmin watch outside of the US but the delays are nearly constant and frequently go from 15 minutes to 55 minutes as of right now. It renders the app redundant which is frustrating. I’m hoping there’s a solution!

I use a OnePlus Nord and have the Garmin Vivoactive 4.

(I should say, thanks for creating this. Were it not for Xdrip+ I’d have to take my watch back and get a refund as we can’t access dexcom/Garmin compatibility in Europe. Should I be able to get this to work it would be a huge QOL improvement!)

Welcome to FUD. Yeah, managing connectivity is an ongoing issue. I haven’t used xDrip+ for a few years and there are experts out there who can likely help more, that said the xDrip+ communication in the normal setup is based on bluetooth.

You need to talk to the specialists because the setup you have requires bluetooth from the G6 transmitter to the watch then to the phone (unless you do have a Garmin phone, but I think that was a typo). You might try directly connecting from the OnePlus to the G6; it’s likely to be more reliable because it’s one less “component” in the system.

Check that every step in the chain is bluetooth; if, at some point, things have to go via the internet then I would expect that sort of delay. When I was using it I controlled the G6 from xDrip+; I activated it there and ran it there. The G6 controller went into a box somewhere (it still is in a box, but I use the G6 app on an iPhone). It is essential that you only have the G6 app or xDrip+ installed on the phone, but with xDrip+ on the phone it is still possible to use the Dexcom controller in parallel - the controller can just tag along after the xDrip+ activation.


Since xDrip is follower, the data is first sent to dexcom servers, then to follower. I think recent changes caused delays.

I use a Fitbit watch and xDrip gets data from transmitter, then xdrip sends direct to watch. Is that an option for your setup ? I don’t use share or followers.

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Thanks for getting back!

Yes, that was a typo on my end! Unfortunately the chances of me getting my Endo to be alright with Xdrip is virtually 0. They’re so bureaucratically obsessed in all the wrong places here that I’d probably just get in trouble for even mentioning it.

As a result, I have to use the share function through the Dexcom app. I’m not actually sure how to check everything is going through Bluetooth as i think bluetooth is always on with the Garmin watch and there’s no setting in dexcom to share via bluetooth and not internet so i think I might be railroaded in that regard.

I currently have a 112 minute delay which I’d a new record so I’d be inclined to say at this point that Xdrip+ as a follower of Dexcom share simply doesn’t work in its current iteration unless I’m missing something. Which is super unfortunate because the delay is undermining what is otherwise a fantastic app that’s solving a huge issue in the community.

I wish it was an option but I pretty much have to use dexcom. But yeah, the delay over the internet vrtianly makes sense.

It’s because they are using Dexcom share to get the history. The transmitter only stores a couple of hours of past data. xDrip+ can’t upload to Dexcom share (so far as I know) and it can’t connect to the transmitter if the Dexcom App is there too, so the easy choice is to use the Dexcom receiver and xDrip+ - the transmitter will handle two connections so long as they are from different devices. It means carrying around two things. Sorry, I didn’t notice on first read that you said explicitly you are using the App.

Another possibility is to check what xDrip+ can upload to. I don’t know the current status but it is probably obvious from the settings in xDrip+. Likely things are NightScout and TidePool. It’s quite likely that your endo will have support for TidePool (I think pretty much certain) and it’s possible, likely for a T1 specialist, that they have NightScout support. A lot of people use it. Bottom line is that the endo is taking the easy option - the Dexcom package - but if you just talk it through with them there may be other options. You do need a way of downloading the data such that they can upload it!

Using something other the Dexcom Share is going to be work for you, but it may not be much work.

A third possibility is to investigate snooping the data. A few weeks ago I found something, somewhere, discussing how apps snoop the data going to the Dexcom App on the same phone; it’s how one of the loop setups work. If it works for that it should work for xDrip+ but would obviously require support in the xDrip+ code, IRC it was also on iOS, not Android.

i agree with jbowler on the dexcom app interference… set up xdrip and a nightscout account and bypass the clarity…your endo can look up reports on nightscout, input different parameters, etc and it’ll eliminate the delay

You can run the Dexcom app (modded) and xDrip+ on the same phone. The app communicates directly to xDrip+ so no delay and no need for an internet connection. It’s actually a modded Dexcom G6 app, so you have to crack it yourself; DuckDuckGo BYODA+Dexcom+G6 (I won’t post the link.) It’s possible to get to it using Google (and that search), but Google seems to be offering far fewer results.