xDrip+ anybody ever see this error before?

Hello all,
I successfully used xDrip for 9 months with my Libre, I just implanted my first Dexcom G6 and it won’t connect. The error is:

“Invalid dex transmitter in getDexTime”

I have googled that and get no useful results, I have also spent the past 2 hours doing a bunch of the general troubleshooting things like ‘forget device’ and cycling the BlueTooth, etc.

I’m using a Pixel XL with Android 10, if that’s relevant.

OK, say hello to the new dummy! I was entering the sensor code where I was supposed to be entering the transmitter code! :crazy_face:
Hopefully this will help some other dummy in the future!


Well glad you fixed the issue. That would indeed be a problem! Welcome to our community!