Would you buy this meter on Amazon?

I’d like to pick up a couple more back up meters, and EH‘s meter of choice is the Freestyle Lite.

I considered attempting to call our pharmacy/endocrinologists office, and I realize that it’s probably worth 20 bucks to me to not have to do that right now. I’m thinking about picking up a spare meter on Amazon. This one only comes with the meter and the zipper pouch, which is all I want, but I find it kind of dodgy that it’s not packaged at all… Do you think it used? Do you think it’s weird?

FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Meter Only https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00Y36K12E/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_wkgzDbXA4SC88

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Well, I’ll be honest with you, I think it does look a little odd, would not be surprised if it was used. Looking at the other products the seller has it seems like they exclusively sell random diabetes equipment - they’re trying to sell a variety of lancing devices for $20-$60 and that’s cracking me up. Who’s paying $60 for a OneTouch Ultra2 lancing device? It’d be cheaper just to buy a meter that comes with that thing for free!

Back to the topic at hand though… as long as it’s a perfectly functional meter I’m not sure I’d be overly bothered if it’s used? Some things to me are highly personal and buying them used would freak me out, but I don’t think meters fall into that category for me, especially considering you’re looking for backup meters. Lancing devices used might freak me out. But meters, eh, not so spooky.

An alternate option if you’re willing to order from Walmart-

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They may have taken all the stuff that comes with it and sold it separately. Like they thought they could make more money splitting it up and selling it separately like that.

But since it’s Amazon, it’s no risk. When you get the meter, look at the memory and see if there are any previous tests shown. I do not think there is a way to reset or erase the FreeStyle Lite readings.

So if there are no previous tests, it’s new. If you see a previous reading, contact Amazon and you can get a refund. And you probably won’t even have to send it back, because companies always get antsy about returning things that were exposed to blood. So they would probably just refund you and tell you not to send it back.

So it’s pretty much a no risk deal.

Alternatively, you could just spring for one of these FreeStyle Lite meters. Listed as new and starting at $25.

Link here specifies “condition=new
(https:slashslashwww.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B001946SKM/ref=dp_olp_new_mbc?ie=UTF8&condition=new) :arrow_down:



Thanks you guys!

I wouldn’t be worried if it was used, except for the fact that I want to replace a used meter which has an annoying habit of beeping six or ten or something times at 5 AM. So if that meter I posted does that I will lose my mind.

Mostly I want to throw that other meter out the window. But I don’t because I’m actually asleep at 5 AM and am too befuddled to find the meter and a window by the time it stops.


Have you tried turning off the meter alarm? The meter has four alarms that you can set or turn off… I bet the beeping issue is just that the alarm’s been accidentally set.

Ha! Nope. I will try that. The irony is we have a few and I’m always so asleep I can’t figure out where it’s coming from. :joy:

In other news: Costco sells a new in-box Freestyle Lite meter for $17.77!!! No RX or waiting needed.

I personally love the true metrix go meter. I couldn’t get them in Alaska and had to get @docslotnick to mail me one from Texas… it’s the ideal backup meter and it’s strips are comparable on amazon cash price to my copay for prescription strips. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a backup

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Oh cool! I’ll check it out. We’ve got the Freestyle because it’s small. But I’d be happy to have a plan B. :slight_smile:

i used to use the One Touch meters until i could no longer take how unreliable they were. i tried every one that they make.

then eric refered me to the Contour Next One meter and i couldnt be happier. it is extremely accurate and tiny. easy to throw in your bag, and it requires only the tiniest bit of blood sample. i have tested it against my A1cs and it is just about as spot on as one can get.

i bought one directly from Abbott, and it didnt cost much; but i also have bought others directly from CVS. if i ever have a problem with it i can return it, no questions asked.
(i’ve never had a reason to return any of them, though)
good luck and all the best,

by the way, i buy my strips through AMAZON and sometimes 600 strips cost ony $125 but sometimes 600 may cost $245. i just keep on surfing and then stockpile the cheapest ones. (my insurance, MEDICARE, covers 10/day and i test more than that.)



You can use the camel camel camel (lol) website to track pricing on Amazon and can even set up alerts to let you know if the price suddenly drops.

Looking at Amazon products via camelcamelcamel really shows how variable the Amazon pricing is on so many products.


thanks a ton Thomas. we’re on AMazon all the time (my husband is an AMazon Addict).
and we are always checking out their prices. i like to buy in bulk bc i use so many strips/day. so your link is very helpful.

thanks again,
Daisy Mae


just found the 600ct test strips on Amazon for the cheapest price in a while : $217 with free shipping through Prime.

(tried the camel camel camel, but wasnt able to find what i needed. dont know why.)




To operate the camel camel camel web site, first find the product you want in Amazon. Then take the amazon code out of the amazon url and paste it into the search box in camel camel camel.

For example, the following might be the url (or something similar) for what you found in Amazon:
==> https://www.amazon.com/Bayer-Contour-Next-Strips-Count/dp/B014JS2U1U/

See the alpha-numeric code in the url? B014JS2U1U
That is the unique Amazon code for that product. Take that code and paste it into the camel camel camel search box.

That should do it.


I buy 600 strips of mine for $90 free shipping on amazon


Sam, do you buy the Contour One Next strips??? for $90??? OMG.

where have you found them on AMazon? i have scrolled through the entire site and never seen that price. thats unbelivable.


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No that’s for the generic true metrix strips…

You won’t find brand name strips for anywhere near that price


no kidding.

but do these generic strips work with the COntour meter?

No, have to use their meter


i am VERY atatched to my meter; its a kind of love/hate relationship. the meter is so accurate, but the strips are so expensive. but i dont wear a dexcom, so i really rely on my finger sticks.

(but, just curious: how do you find the accuracy of your meter?)

It’s fine… a lot better than one touch… on par with my new accu check guide I’d say. Certainly good enough.

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