Would you buy this meter on Amazon?

ive used every One TOuch made, and they all stink. totally unreliable. i would probably try the free style, but the strips are very very expensive. its just not worth it.

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Ha! That makes me feel better. Everybody has chimed in with such helpful advice, and I didn’t have the heart to tell anybody that trying to pry the freestyle light meter out of EH‘s hands would be very difficult. :grin:

There is actually a freestyle meter built into his Omnipod PDM/pump and he won’t use it. I’m not kidding when I say that switching is hard.

But I love this thread, because there are clearly many options out there!

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have you /EH ever tried the Contour? i know that eric uses it when he runs bc of the small convenient size. but my contour is tiny and VERY accurate.

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It doesn’t actually say that it is not packaged… The additional accessories in the box are the lancet and the pins to go in it, well, I think they are. All the same I’d pay the extra $4 for the meter with a box.

There seemed to be differences between the two meters; the Abbott version and the Insulet version had different recalls because of over-reading of the blood glucose.

I had enormous problems over the years getting the right test strips; after Abbott switched to FreeStyle Lite the original strips became very difficult to get for a while, and they are ridiculously expensive now. I would anticipate that as the Insulet UST400 PDM is phased out Abbott will drop the support they have.

Maybe EH could be entranced with a Contour Next One meter? I.e. the one that works with the Dash and that Insulet suggest they are working on for the next version. Compared to the old FreeStyle Contour Next One meters are two a penny; I have four so far (for two cars, bought off Amazon, currently $6.90 each, one for the Dexcom G6 and another Insulet sent me with the Dash setup.)

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The most reliable meter I’ve found (and the cheapest for supplies) is the fabulous ReliOn blood glucose meter available for about $9.00 at Walmart. Strips are $18 for 100. It works beautifully on forearm testing (which is how I’ve been using it for the past 5 years), battery life is excellent (it includes a free battery with the meter purchase and replacement button cells are about $2.00), your history can be easily read via USB, and if you need strips, you just swoop by your nearest Walmart for a refill. Here’s a link…


Yes! Love this meter. :hugs:

I haven’t used the relion meter, but I applaud every person and every meter and every vendor that’s breaking free of the insurance scam prescription market for their supplies whenever possible


I’ve used the Relion meter too; Relion is just a Walmart branding of other peoples stuff (like there is Relion insulin, which, IRC, is the Novo product). In my case I’d managed to forget my meter so I just went in to the local Walmart and bought a meter plus the 10 (IRC) test strips.

On topic, something I just found on Amazeon, Dario Healthcare have a subscription which seems (based on the Amazeon price) to be $160/3-months for a BG system which is apparently cheaper than anyone else if you are testing regularly.

Accu-chek Guide also has options,
100 for $30,
200 for $50, etc
For time period you choose, called simple pay.

When my current supply dwindles, I may try this.


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Where can I learn more about this? Accu chek guide is now the only one my insurance covers… I’ve only been using it for a couple weeks but so far I must say I’m quite impressed overall…

My only complaint is their strip container, which I’m sure they must brag is innovative—- but I have a hard time pulling out a single strip sometimes

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I added links to previous post.

Interesting to know about container.

Yeah, they advertise that container a lot.

I ended up switching back to my Contour Next One mostly because I like that I can combine two of the Contour Next containers into a single container of 100 strips. You can’t do that with the Guide since the container can’t hold any more than 50 strips at a time.

But overall, the Guide is a good meter, and the flat strip container is nice in how flat it makes the whole kit.

How do you get them out without spilling strips?

I will sometimes split 50 strips into two containers.

For the first bit, I often have to tilt the container a bit. I hold most of the strips in with a finger, tilt till a few slide partially out, then grab one of them. But sometimes there’s still a slight gap between the strips and the edge of the container that’s enough room to get a finger tip in there to grab a strip.

After that, often when I open the container there are a few strips that are sticking up above the level of the others, and I just grab one of them. I “grab” a strip by pushing my index finger against some strips and pulling upwards at the same time, and then using my thumb to push any other strips that are coming with it back down into the container until the one strip is isolated enough that I can grab it.

I very, very occasionally spill a few strips, but nothing dramatic. Once the container gets down to 50 strips, there’s enough room that I can fit my entire finger in to grab a strip.

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They would be all over the floor for me.

Maybe I have smaller fingers, or better fine-motor skills and tactile skills, since I read braille and generally use my sense of touch for a lot of things where sighted people use their vision. I also have really good reflexes. When I do drop stuff, I’m often able to catch it mid-air somehow, even when I can’t see it.


I can’t even catch a bright green frisbee


Ha, ha. I’m not sure I’d be able to catch a frisbee or something thrown by someone else. But somehow my brain understands exactly where an object I’ve dropped will fall, and I catch it instinctively on its way down.


I bought three like that from Amazon. One failed soon after I started using it. I think the other two are still working, but would not buy one that way again.

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Really? So do you know what meter they’re using? For me, it’s an amazing meter.