Women's soccer world cup final from Scopello, Sicily

We did find a way to watch the Women’s World Cup final tonight in a small village in Sicily, and we cheered like crazy for the USA team!!! People around us must have thought we were unhinged :slight_smile:

We are so pleased and proud they (and all the other teams and team members) gave such a good show of themselves! The talent around this cup was amazing to watch. For instant, what about the fabulous saves of the Dutch keeper in the finals, and how great were the jukes of Dutch attacker Miedema, dribbling past 4 defenders a couple of times! I think now noone can say that women’s soccer isn’t good enough :slight_smile:

It was really fun cheering for the team from so far away. It felt good to still have some connection to home.


Aaaaw! That’s awesome!

As decidedly unsporty people, EH and I have had a few occasions to get totally swept up in the World Cup and it’s so fun. I’m
So glad you got to watch it and cheer. It is really enjoyable. In our case we were cheering for Japan in 2010 (while traveling IN Japan) and my aunt and I attended a Germany vs Netherlands semi-finals screening in a small town in Germany when they won. People were so happy in all the countries we were in watching football when their teams won. It was a delight. And since I have no allegiance it was fun to be swept up in the excitement. :smile:


This Dutchman’s disinterest in sports kept him from watching the game.


You’re not part of the Max Verstappen throng of supporters?


No :upside_down_face: I’m aware of his popularity, of course, but actually I’m still surprised to read he’s doing so well. Personally, I only remember the headlines about engine failures and other problems :joy: Clearly, the Verstappen craze hasn’t sparked my interest in Formula 1, so I won’t be watching when F1 returns to Zandvoort next year.