Another real life meetup!

So I had a wonderful meet up with a FUD’er and his amazing wife this weekend and we thought it might be fun to see if anyone could guess who my guest is… For bonus points, guess who he is channeling?!?! More details once the game is finished!


I can’t believe no one has guessed! I will give you a hint. I live in Boston and there was a major event held here this week…


Well I know about the marathon … but I’m scared to make a guess … what if I’m wrong? Very embarassing.


Duh, Eric is the FUDer! Not really sure who he’s channeling cuz he is “the force” itself.


I love me a great FUD meetup story!!

Way to host, @JessicaD!! I don’t have a cool fish pitcher like you do…but I have a Midwest themed cow pitcher! It’s delightfully tacky! It pours through its mouth. Definitely a conversation piece…for company that I pretty much never host bc I’m a weird extroverted introvert. So go you!!!

Looks like some of us never got the memo that the barber shops were allowed to reopen after COVID…I kid…I kid…looking great, @Eric!! Very classic!!


@Eric will take it away b/c he is a much better storyteller than I am, but I will kick it off by setting the stage at mile 21 of the Boston Marathon (my house), two nights before the big day. We had lots of pre-meeting planning emails, FUD DMs, texts, calls, even conference calls with my husband, who is also a runner! Pasta boiling on the stove, gurgling cod pitcher (@T1Allison now I need the cow pitcher, too!) + wine on the table. Eric and his amazing wife arrive and we kicked off a wonderful evening. I feel so lucky to have been able to connect in real life with our Eric and his dear wife and to see Eric crush his first Boston marathon. Hoping we can all have more meetups like this!


Congrats @Millz, you guessed it!
(I didn’t know if anyone would recognize me. I look in the mirror and don’t even recognize myself!)

A few things to mention! First of all, I will need to do a completely different post about @JessicaD, because she is off-the-charts phenomenal. Words don’t do it justice. What she did for me and for Leslie was incredible! :heart_eyes:

I will be posting about @JessicaD! She deserves recognition. She is incredible!

So the look I had there…

The Boston Marathon is an iconic race. Steve Prefontaine is an icon in endurance running. (@JessicaD knew it right away! :star_struck:)

As I passed 50 years of diabetes, and running such an iconic race, he was the right guy to honor.

He raced in the Olympics when he was only 21. That is a very young age for an endurance event. He never lost a collegiate race longer than one mile at the University of Oregon. He won 120 of the 153 races he ran. He is believed to have had the highest VO2 Max of any human ever. He is commonly recognized as the spark that started the running boom in the 70’s

He died in a car crash when he was 24 years old.

I was diagnosed when I was 6 years old.

A guy that was one of the most naturally gifted athletes ever, an Olympian at 21, the whole world in front of him, and his life is cut short at 24.

And then some kid, diagnosed at age 6, basically told that making it to 40 years old would be great, and he runs Boston after 50 years.

Anyway, that’s the story behind the Pre look.

We don’t know our future. Nobody does. And that’s why it’s so important to just grab the present, and squeeze every drop out of it…






It was fun looking like that in Boston. People I had never met recognized me. :smiley:


@Eric…I love every word of your post. Your spirit is amazing. We’re lucky to all get to call you a friend.

And cheers again to @JessicaD for her role in your iconic weekend! A great testament to the power of the FUD Community! I’m very grateful to have all of you in my community, as well.


I recognized you, Eric!! If course, @JessicaD s hint of the Boston Marathin sealed my suspicions!! What a great meetup!! And a thoughtful tribute to Steve Prefontaine!! Another amazing guy!!!


Love this!!!


@Eric Were you happy with your time?


It was one of the slowest Marathons I’ve run. But it was very memorable. There is so much pageantry in doing this event. I enjoyed it greatly.

So while I was not happy with my time, I had a great “time”!