I got to meetup with @needlesandmath yesterday, and we had a good time talking.

(Well, not to speak for him, at least I had a good time! :joy: )

We met at a coffee shop and talked about D stuff, gadgets, running, etc. It was funny, the coffee shop actually ran out of coffee! :confused: Never been at a coffee shop that didn’t have coffee!

It was a good time, I enjoyed it.

Just the way the stars are lined up with timing, I have plans for meeting with a different FUD member next week! As long as traffic doesn’t mess it up, that will happen soon.

Stay tuned for part 2. It has been rumored that a lot of BBQ will be had, plus some beer.


And then a third one is a possibility in August, but that one still has a long way to go before I know if that one will happen.

Yay for meetups! I enjoyed our chat @needlesandmath! Let’s do it again soon.


I think we caught the coffee place at the end of the day; they didn’t count on undercaffeinated runners making a late afternoon pit stop!

Agreed, @Eric, it was an excellent chat. Thanks a million for the tips and insight. I like to think I’m a quick study, but It’s a long* learning curve. Good to have a team to help out.

(*No, not ‘steep’–learning curves plot training time against performance, so steep ones mean rapid performance gains. This has been your daily data peeve.)


There are a million things I didn’t get to tell you. One important thing that is helpful that I wanted to share is this…

One of the BEST ways to realize you are low when running is the line you are on. If you begin to move left and right on your line, you are probably dropping (or already low). If you are hitting a straight line, your BG is probably okay.

Anyway, always check your line! :+1:



@Eric, I am going to piggyback on your thread to report that my husband and I had a fun meet-up with @Chris and his wife at an outdoor café in the Portland (OR) area last Sunday! We enjoyed coffee and pastries over the course of a rambling conversation. I am so glad this get-together finally worked out!


@CatLady, that’s so cool you got to meet! You are definitely on my list of people I want to meet one day! :grinning:


If anyone is ever in SW VA, let’s connect!


Proof of life, @CatLady and her husband are both equally amazing, with a slight preference for the diabetic. Although you couldn’t tell by the way @CatLady’s husband and I got along.

It was a great meetup and my second FUD meeting, with #3 coming next week! Hopefully many more to come. You guys are amazing!


Just sitting here killing time while I wait on @Chris


Holy crap, I learned two things today. First @Eric is inhuman in his ability to eat and drink. And I am not saying this as in he is an inhuman diabetic eater. No, I am saying he should try out for the next installment of Man vs Food. Man would win every time.

After trying and failing to keep up with him through 1.5 racks of amazing ribs (Shoutout to Fat Matt’s Rib Shack) along with 4 or 5 sides (can’t keep count) a couple pitchers of beer, then he goes and downs a pulled pork sandwich, 1/4 chicken, another huge side, and dessert. I can barely move right now. I waddled to the car, while king Eric strode like he could have eaten another dessert and been fine.

If you meet up with him, I am pretty sure he isn’t a serial killer, but he devastated more food than a thin guy without a tapeworm should be able to eat. All while keeping himself gluco normal. I survived, but just barely. Here is the proof of life photo at the end.


I had a great time meeting @Chris and having a little snack. :grinning:

I really enjoyed our talk and having some awesome beer and food! I hope we can do it again real soon.

BTW, I think they are going to rename it Fat Eric’s now. :joy:



Seriously good time. Enjoyed getting to know you better and of course your hospitality is amazing.


Two legends! I love it!

“Thin man with a tapeworm” :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Another great meetup!

This morning I got to meet @elver!

Was awesome to get to finally meet in person. Been hoping to be able to do this. I was in town last year but my schedule prevented us from meeting. But this time we made it happen!

We had breakfast. So sadly, no beer this time. :joy:

Thanks for breakfast @elver! Was great meeting you!


Great meetup between “almost” childhood friends! I recall you two discovered you went to the same school but a few years apart! Small world!


Meeting @Eric in person is going to show up in my lifetime highlight reel for sure! BTW @Eric, you are now a member of a very elite few who have managed to 1) take my picture willingly and 2) most importantly be able to actually post it online.

Kudos Sir.Kudos.


Yay!!! I’m super excited for all of us…bc when two FUDders meet and share it with the group, it’s like we all get to meet! Thanks for passing on the hot and the community!!

…but why couldn’t you have beer for breakfast? And on top of it, if your body was on East Coast time (or Central, even)…your body would have accepted it as lunch!

ETA: I’m rereading this and I am sure that I was autocorrected above…or that I posted while low…but I’m going to leave it as is because you guys are both hot so of course you’re “passing on the hot” when you post selfies! @Eric @elver


@Eric didn’t have a beer because he was being a gentleman and because I had to go back to work (I was on my lunch hour)


I didn’t realize I had other members that are not that far away!
I am roughly an hour north of Portland!


…or you were drunk enough to actually think we were hot. :joy:


@Hammer I am north of Seattle. Back when I was working I made that drive to/from Portland once every 2 weeks…now I don’t go south of Seattle much. When I do I will get in touch!