WKFUD, the all-dedication line


OMG Eric, too funny.


For @Jen I hope you “Get The Balance Right:sun_with_face:


Funny and bittersweet :slight_smile:


The two best weeks in a training cycle - taper week and recovery week.

Hope you enjoy breaking training for a few days!

Here is a very old one-hit wonder that nobody here has ever heard before. This song was actually on a thing they called a “record”!:
Breaking Training

:musical_note: I'm breaking training tonight baby!:musical_note:


I am sure my sons (who don’t know how to deal with a rotary phone) have no idea of what these are :slight_smile:


OK, now this proves it. You spent far too much time in the 70’s in disco’s (for those too young to remember, think Saturday Night Fever). KC and the Sunshine band much?


This one is dedicated to @daisymae …a new exercise routine for you perhaps!!! :sunglasses: Our Seder wasn’t as much fun as this one.


this is hysterical!!!


For those who don’t know, today is @daisymae’s birthday.

Happy B-day, DM!

Now quit goofing off and get back in the pool!


Happy birthday, @daisymae!!


thank you CD. i am pigging out all week, but the highlight is tonight: a giant slab of Key Lime PIE.
(after a Porterhourse steak, buttered-to-death home fries, creamed spinich…OMG)
:blush: :star_struck: :stuck_out_tongue:


i promise that i will be back in the pool on Monday afternoon and i will let everyone know how much food i consumed this week to fuel up for my swim. i will also report the incredible attempt at managing my BGs for all of the calories i have been ingesting :wink:

(tonight is gonna be a BIG one !!! )

signing off,

PS: eric sent me a giant box of chocolates. mmmmmm. :sunny:


Happy birthday DM! Stay Kosher tonight.


tonight i will be throwing caution to the wind. no BS D food, no Kosher food, nothing of any nutritional value (if i can help it ) :wink:

however, this Sunday (which is also Mothers’ Day) we will be eating an Early-Bird Special at a fancy Kosher joint in Queens. i already know the menu by heart, so i know the pig-out i will be enjoying.



i havent swam since last week. despite being on my alternate basal rate (increased from my swimming basal profile) i am still going high; i have just done my second correction today and have done a TB of 105 % which may or may not be enough.

it is astounding me how much more insulin i need when i am not swimming. and, on the other hand, it astounds me how much less insulin i need when i am.

just keeping everyone informed. watch those BGs carefully guys. i know i will be.



That’s a pretty small amount of extra insulin. With your basal numbers, it’s only ~about 1/50th of a unit per hour more!


i thought that i would start with something conservative. i tend to go low around dinnertime so i didnt want to worry about crashing at the restaurant. i will most likely have to increase it once i get home. maybe 110% to 120% for my overnight.


i waited an hour and then bumped it up to 110% which helped. i will be bumping it up even more as i fear this evening’s pig-feast was more insulin demanding than originally suspected. i’ve been stacking insulin since the first hour of eating. i just kept eating more than expected. and then the key lime pie came and i wouldnt let anyone elses fork near it. i guarded it with my life. i ate the entire (enormous) slice (more like a slab) myself. OMG, was it to die for!!!

i am soooo full right now i can barely stand upright. it was well worth every mouthful; i keep feeding the carbs, but i think i will probably hit a BG of 400 tonight; i am already prepared with my alarm clock bedside with my reading glasses and my NovoLog and a syringe. careful and watchful eye with frequent testing.

(the irony is that DEXCOM called me today to let me know that i am covered 100% by Medicare for the G5 CGM; what timing :wink: )

today was one of the best birthdays ever. i cant wait till next year so i can do it all again :yum:


It is a high mark of acceptance to the community when you get your very own dedication on the WKFUD dedication line. And it is an even higher mark when you get your very own custom lyrics!

So without further ado, to Nicky I dedicate, Darling Nicky
(with sincere apologies for the less-than-entirely-family-friendly Prince song :open_mouth:)

Darling Nicky

I knew a girl named Nicky I guess you could say she was a number grinding fiend,
I met her in a diabetes forum talking about her 670G,
She said how’d you like to help me out and I could not resist when I saw little Nicky grind [her numbers].

She posted a thread on the forum and I just couldn’t believe my eyes,
She had so many calculations every formula that you could try,
She said “I entered my numbers in the pump this time.” The lights went out and Nicky started to grind [her numbers].


On the forum the next morning, Nicky wasn’t there.
I looked all over and all I found was her 670G nightmare

It said thank you for the FUD find,
Call me up whenever you want to grind [numbers].

Come back Nicky come back

Something’s up with my Interstitial Fluid: Looking for answers and starting with basics... what is insulin resistance? And can it affect IF Glucose?

I don’t know what I did for this, but that’s frickin BRILLIANT.

I’m dying over here. :rofl::rofl:.

You write these songs for everyone, Eric?! :hugs: