Who has a spare PDM?

I saw Allison’s post today about her PDM going in the water bowl. :open_mouth: And I know Harold mentioned a PDM going south on him recently.

So I was wondering, who here has a spare PDM? I have some spare PDM’s.

I just called to check on the price before making this post. Insulet is now selling the current version of the PDM for only $199.

Might be good to have a spare if you don’t already have one.

Can’t remember everyone who uses pods, I know there is more than this…

Aaron, I know your pricing is different, but I would be happy to get you one for that special U.S. price. :wink:


Thanks for posting this. Mine can no longer upload to a computer for use with Glooko and I need to follow up with Insulet.

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Well at least in that regard, you guys have it easy. I just called Insulet Canada and the cost of a PDM is (still) $6300, or about US$4900. Some private insurance companies may cover a second PDM.

For a Canadian user, the only drawback of an American PDM would be that it would measure in mg/dL, and I’d have to upload to a different Dexcom site, which may or may not tick off my endo’s office.


That is an insane price on a PDM.

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Sorry, I forgot you are in Canada too!

I can send you one if you want. Since your current PDM is probably under warranty, you could think of the other PDM as a spare tire. You don’t need to drive on it very far, just until you get your Canadian version replaced by Insulet.

Even if a spare tire isn’t great, it’s better than sitting on the side of the road waiting for your regular tire to be repaired. So if you had to use it, the mg/dl measurement would only be for a few days until you got the Canadian replacement sent to you.

Insane meaning cheap?

I would say $199 is insanely cheap for a lifesaving device, and $4900 is insanely expensive to buy a PDM. I am just insane today I say!


Are you able to copy the IBF file from it?

Ignore Glooko for a minute. Just try plugging in the cable to your PDM and computer, and seeing if your computer recognizes it as a drive.

If so, copy the IBF file from your PDM to your computer, and then go into Glooko and manually upload the file you copied.

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Yeah, their model is like the shaving companies. You can give the razor blade handle away, because you make money on the blades.

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I have tried 3 computers and different cables: none was able to recognize the PDM. :frowning_face:

There are several reasons it might not be recognized - device manager on the computer, driver issues, etc.

If you get your PDM swapped out, before you send back your current PDM, see if the new one is recognized. If not, then you know the problem is not the PDM, and sending it back not only does not fix the problem, but also means you lose your data, which I would hate to do.

If the PDM is functioning in every other way, I would be willing to bet the issue is not a problem with the PDM.

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For what it’s worth, I think you would get better troubleshooting support for this issue from Glooko than you would from Insulet. The Insulet people just love to replace pods and PDM’s for their support, instead of figuring out problems.

What kind of computers have you tried it on? Does the PDM beep when you plug it in?


Thank you @Eric for posting this. I’ve not had to replace a PDM yet (thankfully) but I like the idea of having a spare and plan on buying one.

For a PDM still under warranty, I’m curious when Insulet will replace a PDM at no cost (what PDM issues)?

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I had this problem in the very beginning. The solution was to do the opposite of what the Diasend/Glooko uploader says: try connecting your PDM to the computer before launching the uploader. That solved it on a Mac, anyway.

Warranty is 4 years, and they will replace it for any issue such as internal batteries, or stuck keys, or dim screen or any errors. Basically anything other than something like if you get mad and smash it to bits. :crazy_face:

But you don’t strike me as the PDM-smashing type. :grinning:

@T1Allison, did they cover it when it went in the water bowl, or did you have to pay for that?

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They covered it. It was in warranty.

As for the warranty coverage…I think the warranty lasts four years. I was three years into that PDM or so before it hit the water bowl. But with the replacement PDM, they considered the warranty expired within a year (i.e. the original term of the warranty). Then I got a new PDM the next year and got to keep that replacement one. Make sense? I kind of felt like I won the lottery but maybe it was supposed to work that way?

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Did you pay for the new one? If so, yes it makes sense that you got to keep the other one, since you bought it previously, right? If you paid for 2 PDM’s, you should have 2 PDM’s.

Well…insurance did pay for two PDM’s…the first one was replaced and I got to keep the replacement (only one year old) when I got another new one (paid for by insurance) due to the original warranty expiring. I just sort of assumed that if they have to replace your PDM, the warranty restarts but I guess not.

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Yeah, I’ve been through that conversation with them too. The warranty sticks with your original purchase date until 4 years has passed, no matter when you get a replacement.

But on the bright side, you have 2 PDM’s so you can feel free and easy around your water bowls.

I bought a custom PDM case with velcro in it after that incident!!! And it’s adorable which is a nice perk, as well.

I’m thrilled to have a back-up PDM. That’s a whole 'nother safety net that I don’t take for granted. You should have seen my MacGyver tote of back-up and emergency supplies for my vacation. Didn’t need any of it, probably because I brought it all. I think that is how the Universe works.