Where to get Dexcom transmitter in California?

Forgot my new transmitter back in TX so I got a new script but CVS can’t even get it out here they say. They said they’ve never even had anyone use it before so we’re clueless!

So my opinion of California just sank even lower. :slight_smile:

Where do you get transmitters near San Jose?

Not sure where you can get one locally, but you might want to try and call Dexcom, and see if they can help you. They have been very helpful to me, but I haven’t had a request as complicated as yours.

@drpepper68, We live in the Bay Area and whenever a sensor’s been wonky we typically get them mailed to us by the company itself (the transmitters same – mailed from Dexcom) . WE never fill ours at the pharmacy although it’s bizarre that someone in a big city like San Jose at a pharmacy has never heard of Dex.

how soon do you need one and how long are you here? They can usually overnight them.

Dexcom is in San Diego, so they should be able to get one to you pretty quickly. Their service is extraordinary.

Ah didn’t realize they were in San Diego. :slight_smile:

But it’s not a bad transmitter, it’s just that I forgot mine. :frowning:

I can live without it but would be nice to have. Leaving Sunday so probably not worth the effort anymore.

Call Dexcom… nobody has their transmitters but them I believe

Or if they won’t help because you’re not due for new ones yet then find someone on this board to express mail you one with the agreement that you’ll send a new one back to them when you get home

I’m happy to send a message to the BraveBuddies list serve here in the Bay ARea. There may be someone in San Jose who’s willing to swap one of their transmitters for yours.

Thanks Tiag, super nice of you. I think I’m just going to deal without it since I think by the time I get it it’ll be time to go back home. I have test strips so I’m good.

Thank you though! :slight_smile:

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Just had a transmitter failure, after not quite 4 weeks on this one. Weird shrieking alert and “pair new transmitter” message pops up on my phone! Dexcom tech support was great and a new one is on its way with a return kit for the dead unit. Luckily I just received my new transmitters last week so I will install one of those.


Is this the one that was possibly caused by static? Did Dexcom think that was a possibility?

Yep, this is it. The Dex tech just said “oooh, that’s bad” but didn’t offer any possible reasons why. But the new transmitter is on its way (and a sensor, too), then I will send back the defunct device.

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