Where do you find Contour Next test strips these days?

Just go to AMZ and type in Contour Next test strips. It should come right up on your screen. I usually have to scroll around to find which the best price is from the choices. It also depends on how many strips you want to buy. I usually buy a 600 count art once for around $205. They literally arrive within 2 days. Hope this helps!

This is a great price, @Jim_YYC, thanks. It looks like I would need to create a new account at amazon.ca …

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This is the only one I see on AMZ and it is quite a bit more than what you are finding!!

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It is entirely possible that AMZ is out of them at the moment. This happens sometimes. If you can be patient, try and wait it out. There will be more of them, I’m certain (at least I hope to God that there will be more of them!!!)

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I think they’re cheaper on Amazon.com
The Canadian dollar is only worth about 75 cents US, so that $295 CA is roughly $221 US. And don’t forget shipping to the US isn’t cheap.

I did order some Transcend Gel from Amazon.com (it wasn’t available on the Canadian site). Shipping cost me nearly $48 US (regular delivery for 16 gel paks) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Holy Cow!!! Thats expensive. Why is it so much $$$ for shipping to Canada? Is it this expensive with everything that is shipped? Although we are in the USA, we have Amazon Prime, and shipping is always FREE.


Whoa, that is ridiculous! Better to stick with prime and pay a price markup!


I suspect they make it that way to try to persuade you to use the local country site, although I can use my Amazon.ca acc’t details transparently on Amazon.com.


I’ve never done this myself, so I don’t know the answer. maybe you do though; have you ever tried to order supplies directly from Bayer? and if so, how was their pricing?

Last time I got them from azm was last december, 300 for $120. All boxes were labeled “for medicare only”. I had several orders in same price range, all with the mc label.

I suspect AMZ is now prohibiting these sales, and those “resellers” may have moved to ebay, where someone posted they saw them.

Since G6, I don’t bg check that often, so still working on last december shipment. I might have to switch to relion !!


I’ve been buying them from AMZ since (I think it was Doc S who posted the link) two years ago (maybe 3). originally, I was buying 600 for about $165, then in this past year they went up to $204 for 600.

I just ordered another 600 last week, but they were only available from one site on AMZ and they were selling them in the 200ct boxes only, so I had to buy 3 lots of them; also, for whatever weird reason, they were being sold with lancets and alcohol wipes (???). Never before. They arrived two days later.


Let’s setup a barter system.

I think anything from Brasseurs du Monde or Bent Stick Brewing Company would get you some Transcends!


How about this ebay link? 600 ct for about $199.


No news from my quest for the discounted strips…the pharmacy is still waiting for a prescription to come through. Also checked Amazon today and no CN strips are for sale there.

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But has anyone actually bought test strips from Ebay? Is this even safe? Are they trustworthy? I would buy these in a heartbeat if this is reliable, tried and true.


I just placed an order, will let you know.


I also placed an order. Should arrive on Aug 1.


If anyone is happy with their eBay purchase for these strips, please share the eBay ID of the person from whom you purchased!

With eBay it all comes down to the seller being legit, and there are both good and bad sellers out there.

For what it’s worth, 35 cents per strip is kind of the price point I am looking for.

By the way, places like Diabetes Warehouse sell them for like $1 per strip. :roll_eyes:

For price, CVS also looks like a waste of time and so does Walgreens.

Walmart has a ton of different amounts and prices. They have a big range of prices, all the way up to 50 cents per strip.

The best I found on the Walmart site is about 36 cents per strip, which is close to my price point:


It is pretty crazy that they are even able to charge 35 cents per strip, the total manufacturing must be in the 2-3 cent range, and the R&D on an innovative product is probably in the range of 25-50 million. Pretty good business. Make more money mining diabetics than gold.


I don’t buy much from eBay so I’m not that familiar with it, but the link I post above for eBay strips is sold by:
aaa-pharmacy (284)

99.2% positive feedback

I expect to take delivery on Aug 1, and will try them out right away and let everyone know how they are!

However, Walmart seems to have about the same price at the link you included, Eric! Might be better to purchase from them. I searched Walmart but did not see that one!!! Thanks!