Contour Next One Test Strip Prices

I don’t know if I’m just doing something wrong, but I used to order my test strips off of Amazon for approximately $0.22/strip. On my most recent order, the best I could come up with was $0.32/strip. With the way I test, that’s a big jump. For those of you who use these, have you found there to be an increase in price? Or do you know of a place to buy cheaper? If I didn’t use them on my runs, I’d swap out the brand and just stick to my ReliOn which I love anyway. But I only have a cool meter bracelet for the Contour (thanks to my dear friend, @Eric). So any thoughts??

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this is the best I have seen in a while, approx .29/strip.

even at a 600 count the price is the same. However, if you buy multiple lots of the smaller purchase size, the cost goes down for some reason.


That’s what I’ve seen, too. Thought I was calculating it wrong. I’ve always bought 200 or 300— this has always been the very lowest price. Going higher has never made a difference or has increased the price even. But I recently ordered a couple of individual 100 orders since, combined, they were cheaper than my usual order.


$0.29/strip is at least still in the twenties. :grin: Thank you for looking. :hugs:


My last order on AZM was $80 for 400 strips (Jan 2019). Just checked and agree, prices up quite a bit.


So that’s about as much confirmation as I need, @MM2. I noticed it my last purchase, but it wasn’t this big of a jump. I hope they’re not still climbing?? What gives??

most likely the 3rd party merchants have realized the meter is highly ranked

I think it may vary by expiration date. Sooner they expire, the lower the price.

One of my shipments from AMZ included boxes labeled “for medicare only”, so likely this was 2nd time they were “sold”.

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:crossed_fingers: I’d like to keep using them but am a lot less committed at 0.30 a pop.