What to tell MD Xdrip+ vs Dexcom app?

Went to my endo apt and printed out all that I could find on the nightscout web thingy that I installed using heroku. He liked it and said he’d commit to learning it, but he really would rather use clarity which he’s familiar with.

He asked me what’s so great about Xdrip that I wanted to switch. I told him mainly the watch integration cheaply without having the transmitter always with you. What other things make it superior?

I thought of either doing a cheap iPhone or iPod to get clarity, but then I’d have to cary around yet another device as it only backfills like what 3 hours or something? Or I guess I could fire up the included receiver box, but I’d rather not mess with it if my pone and watch are working.

Other things that are great about Xdrip. You can use the transmitters for far longer than Dexcom allows, saving you a significant amount of money.

Another advantage is the ability to tailor your processing to your situation in case you want to view/process in a different way.

Hi bpollina,
Forgive me for saying this, because it doesn’t really address your question.

But it’s your diabetes, not his. You live with it 24x7. Your endo only has to deal with it for a few minutes a couple times a year.

In my opinion, it really doesn’t matter what he prefers. The only thing that matters is what YOU prefer.

So sharing your opinion with him is great, and having valid reasons to give him is wonderful. And knowledge transfer is also a good thing. You can give him good reasons, but you should never have to defend your decision.

If he supports your choice, great. If he doesn’t, then fire him and find another endo.


To what extent do you think he needs to learn it ?

Do you rely on him to review your data and provide feedback for making changes ?

My endo’s office charges more when they download dexcom, but not meter data. And they do A1C in office at appt. So once he sees my A1C is good, and meter BGs good, he only offers advice if I need it, and so far I don’t.

However if sharing, reviewing and discussing potential changes, results from viewing your data together, then it makes sense to make it more accessible for him.

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exactly. my numbers do need tweaking. lows are an issue so we probably need to tweak the ratios a bit more.

@bpollina Your MD would be interested in the information on the statistics pages. AGP, %in, high and low, %CV, PGS and GVI. Also, in history, you could refer back to any problem days.

XDrip+ is superior to the dexcom app in so many ways. Statistics, entering of treatments,alarms, sensors quietly lasting for as long as you want, transmitters lasting for 6 mo+, different algorithms or use the Dexcom algorithm, unlimited followers see exactly the same data as you do, plus full smartwatch integration. I’m sure I’ve forgot some, but you get the drift.

If you’re using the G6 you can try using the Dexcom receiver as many people have had success doing this. If it doesn’t work, just disconnect it. G5 is more problematic.

I agree with @Eric, it’s your diabetes. As long as you can present a clear picture to your endo it shouldn’t make a difference how he gets it. I had absolutely no problem with my endo with xDrip+ and now he really likes the stats. You should do what makes it easier for you, not for him.