What Diabetes app do you use?

So I have just found out that the app that I’ve used as both my BSL diary and my food entries as well as a bolus calculator for the last decade, is about to become unavailable to me in Australia while the TGA (equal to the FDA) looks into whether it’s suitable for use. The bolus calculator disappeared overnight, but I think that is due to the FDA also reassessing the app (according to the discussion group).

I have emailed the company that runs it, as their support has always been fantastic, to find out whether I can still access the foods that I have entered over the years, but I am yet to hear back from them.

I chose this app in the first place because I could add my own foods, rather than rely on foods that either weren’t local, or had been incorrectly added by someone else, as well as being able to add my glucose levels and occasionally use the bolus calculator (it was more of a guideline for me).

I understand why they have to comply with the TGA, however as I’ve been using it for a decade, I’m frustrated that all those foods over the past decade could be lost to me, not to mention a decade worth of diary entries.
I have downloaded a CSV of my foods and also extracted the apk so I can hopefully reinstall it if it disappears completely.

So does anyone know of an app that does all of the same things in the one place?
Would really appreciate some suggestions! I have until the 1st of December.

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you might check out Diabetes:M https://diabetes-m.com/ , which is available on Android and IOS. I have used this for about 5 years as my logbook. There are foods built in, but I’ve not used that function personally. There is a bolus calculator. It also displays IOB, which seems rare in most diabetes apps.


Thanks @mike_g. That is the app that I have been using.
I received an email last week saying it will be unavailable in Australia from December 1st.

I have loved it because it’s everything in one! Absolutely agree with you in regards to the IOB too.
I think I should be fine as long as I don’t have auto update on. I will export my logbook and foods so if it disappears from my phone, I’ll find an apk online and reinstall it.

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Ahh, bummer. Well, I think you’ve got the best plan in place. I just wish there were a similar app out there. I tend to think they shy away from IOB calcs due to concern for liability, etc

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I’ve questioned the developers in regards to why the bolus calculator suggests an insulin dose when entering a hypo value and a hypo fix. I have always taken the calculation with a grain of salt and tend to err on the side of caution, I’ve never had insulin when suggested for my hypo fix. It’s certainly never been suggested to me by a health professional.
Their response to my questioning was it was in accordance to Bulgarian recommendations - where they’re based, and I told them then that it certainly wasn’t here, and I suspect that that may be something that the TGA is looking at.

I hope it survives. I’ve seen many people on google play complaining about the calculator disappearing while the FDA does its annual checks? The subscribers didn’t appear impressed. I’ve had it so long, I had paid a one off amount to be ad free, and couldn’t see that subscribing would give me anything beneficial.