What app do you use to track meals, insulin used, etc.?

As a recently diagnosed LADA, I started with a journal of BG, insulin dosages and noted changes from stress, illness, exercise and menstruation. I’ve recently gotten Dexcom G6, and I’ve started carb counting using Carb Manager app, and enter event on Dexcom receiver and phone app. It seems easier to just use phone and leave receiver as back up. Myfitnesspal app is another good one for tracking carbs and exercise.


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It sounds like you’re on a good path for solving some of the complexities that come with a LADA diagnosis. There’s a category here on female T1D and hormones that you might find helpful!


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If you get tired of that one, My Macros+ works really well, and doesn’t mine as much data as some of the others. It also doesn’t market to you, or try to upsell you, which has made me stop using some of the others. I just want to yell as some of the apps: “No, I don’t want to share this info with my friends or you, and I don’t need to set custom goals, I just want to know how many calories I ate and what my macro’s are…”

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