Welcome, introduce yourself here!

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Welcome @kalla!

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Hello Everyone. I have T1D and was diagnosed in 1976, so it been a long ride.

I like the “No Limits” attitude of the group here, and it is something I live by. I ride motorcycles, race sailboats, rock climb, and scuba dive every chance I get (all thing that someone has told me I couldn’t do with diabetes, I guess it’s a good thing I don’t listen to “you can’t do that”). I’ve never met a limit I couldn’t crush, walk over and move on.

If anyone has a question, please ask it freely. The only way to share information is to ask questions and see where the answers take us.

It is very nice to see I’m not the only one that occasionally has issues and problems.


Welcome, @MichaelS! So awesome to hear that you don’t let diabetes hold you back from anything :slight_smile: I look forward to your contributions. And don’t worry we all have issues with diabetes - that’s why we’re here! To problem solve and figure out some tools to help us not be held back by this disease


Welcome @MichaelS!!!

I’m excited to hear about your scuba diving adventures. I’m hoping to go to Iceland in the next couple of years, and apparently you can scuba dive between the tectonic plates there :astonished:

It’d be a short session - only 30 minutes in the water. I’d love to hear about your experiences and how you’ve handled scuba diving and D. Where have you dived? Do you use a pump or cgm? Do you start with a higher end bg level?

I think I’d have to get some sort of certification first. I need to do more research on that.


@LarissaW Thanks for the warm welcome. I look forward to amny long lasting friendships here.

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Hi, I’m an Aussie, have had T1D since 1978, so I’m heading for 41 years.
I’m a relatively recent convert to the DIY side of things, but oh, my, am I ever going back to commercial? No way!
I’m looping with AAPS, a Dana RS pump and Dex G5, via xdrip+.
I found this forum through google. Some of my more tech questions have been answered😊.
I enjoy playing music and martial arts, and making stuff. I work part time (not because of D, but because I have too many hobbies and interests to work full time).
I consider myself to be rather blessed in terms of health and enjoyment of life. I’m lucky to have survived the “control” of the 70s and 80s with no complications😛.


Hi, @Morrisminor72! Welcome! :grin:


Welcome to our little corner of the interwebs! Glad you have started posting, and with 41 years of D experience, I am sure you will be a great contributor. We are a mostly friendly group and look forward to hearing from you. Is that your cat in your avatar?


Hi, @Mrrismino72 and welcome. You’ll have to share some of the other hobbies. Like you I have a lot of hobbies.

Which of the martial arts do you practice?


Unfortunately he is not MY cat, he belongs to my parents. I pretend he is mine. He is a delicious, funny, very friendly cat called Fluff. I can’t have my own because I work away from home, 2000km away from home. I visit my parents often, and spoil Fluff rotten😊.


I am about to return to aikido (Takemasu or Iwama style/pedagogy). I’ve been off with an injured knee for nearly 8 months. Two arthroscopies later, both looping, I have an industrial looking brace to protect it and am ready to go again. I miss it like mad, but the break has given me time to do DIY diabetes stuff.
Previously I practiced iaido, and actually have my Shodan in that discipline, but a bad tendon injury and reconstruction on my right wrist put an end to that.
If I sit very still I stay uninjured, but where is the fun in that?:stuck_out_tongue:
I did gymnastics and trampoline sports as a younger adult (not as a kid as I lived in the country, with no classes). I was always damaged in some way. Sigh.


Excellent! Welcome! I’m sure we will all appreciate your input in all things D related!

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Welcome @Morrisminor72 ! I was going to ask if there was a correlation between the cat on the avatar (which I now know id named Fluff) and the name you chose for your avatar. I used to have a cat that when he purred sounded like an out of tuned lawn mower so I used to call him Briggs (for Briggs and Stratton a maker of lawn mower engines at the time.)

I am hoping you can share some of your Looping experiences and know-how in the future as you continue to recover from your knee injury. I for one would be very interested. BTW, speedy recovery!

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I name myself after my first car, which was a little 4 door 1954 Morris Minor. It went about as fast as a lawnmower😂.
Fluff the cat is very lovely. In the photo in my avatar he was very sad because my father had run out of peanuts to feed him.
He was named Fluff by the kids on the farm where he was born, it suits him, he is very hairy and needs grooming 3-4 x a day.

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My first attempt at car ownership was a 1972 MG Midget. The car was like learning to play golf - a lesson in futility that somehow even knowing it’s futile you still can’t give up.

Fluff the cat seems like a snuggler that keeps your spirits up when the chips are down.

Hope to see your posts in the future. Nice meeting you!

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Welcome! Do post a photo of Fluff on the catlovers thread:




I’m so jealous of you folks that can get those DANA pumps and use AAPS. I can’t believe it’s apparently so difficult to get a bluetooth capable pump to market in the United States of America. For now, I run OpenAPS on a raspberry pi and PiHat radio, but I am anxiously looking forward to the day that a bluetooth pump is available in the US again.

I completely agree with you that I’m not sure I’ll be able to go back to commercial systems again: being able to tweak settings (DIA/Max IOB/Curve Profiles/ and Targets) and watch the loop logs is something I’m not going to be prepared to give up. Setting glucose targets for APS systems should be a conversation that patients have with their doctors, not something that the government needs to be involved in, IMHO. Cheers!