Welcome, introduce yourself here!

Hi! I am Aaron.

First off my connection to engineering is that I am an electrical engineer. That basically means I am an engineer who can’t measure more accurately than 1/4". That should address the engineering requirement to be part of this forum.

I live in Canada - near Vancouver - which means I do not complain about the healthcare and insurance too much but I do complain about lack of access to certain products (like why isn’t Tresiba approved in Canada?).

I am a type 1 and have known this since August 1987. I have always had ok control. (Ok when I was a kid my A1Cs were better than as a young adult but that is because my mom did an awesome job helping me with things.). In the last couple of years I found the diabetes online community and now I have good control (A1C around 6.0) because of the good stuff that the Doctors don’t know about.

I use an Omnipod with Fiasp and a dexcom CGM.

The reward for improving my control was having my #4 kid get diagnosed with type 1 at 16 months old last January.

My wife has always been supportive with diabetes (I even took her to an endo appointment when we were dating :heart_eyes:) but now she actually gets it as she is the primary caregiver for our son and we talk diabetes a lot :grinning:

My son is on humalog/levemir MDI right now. Looking at getting a CGM and pump soon but have not been motivated to rush into it.

I came over to this forum because I noticed the other toddler parents were here and I expect I will need help!


Welcome here!

There is no engineering requirement to be a part of the forum. The only requirement is having a touch of crazy. :crazy_face:

Trade you some Tresiba for Fiasp…
We have issues with availability of things in the U.S. too!

Welcome Aaron!

One of the many benefits of FUD is the insight and tenacity of the parents of children of all ages that contribute here. There is a lot of D expertise on FUD.

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@Aaron Welcome to our crazy little D corner of the interwebs. I guess there must be something to this genetics theory of diabetes risk. Hopefully with your knowledge and work what you learn around here, your little one has an easy time of it.

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Aaron, I am really sorry about your child’s diagnosis. And that age is SO hard on the parents:(

But I am really glad you found your way here. This is a GREAT group. The forum has changed our life as parents of a CWD. And I have made an amazing number of tight friends here. This is an extraordinary community of people.


Can I be sarcastic too like my comment about meeting the enginnering requirement? :wink:

Thanks for all the welcome.


Not totally sarcastic or untrue… I think a lot of us like to build engineering experiments here, we are experimenters at heart :slight_smile:

You may be sarcastic too :wink:

Please do :slight_smile:

It keeps us sane, and this place a little funny :disappointed_relieved:

Otherwise we might have to plant the :troll_flag:

Then you may see the :ban_hammer:

NOTE - the above was supposed to be funny, but unfortunately too often I am the only one laughing, just ask my wife.


Once I read the xml to figure out the emojiis it was very funny :slight_smile:

I though the ban_hammer was an


at first.


Welcome @Aaron. There are quite a few parents of T1’s here so, although I’m sure you already know more than most of us about diabetes having lived so long with it yourself, please feel free to ask any toddler/child specific questions that you may be struggling with and we will happily tell you what’s working for us! My son, Liam, was diagnosed Feb 29, 2016 at just over 2 years old.

Nice to meet you and I look forward to interacting with you.


Hi All,

I am a long term Type 2, I hope there are other Type2 members here, I am insulin dependent and use an insulin pump. Because I am insulin dependent I, at times, feel a close kinship to persons with T1. I am hoping to learn from both the T1 and T2 members of this site.

I am not new to the DOC and participate on other sites, Hopefully I will be able to contribute in a positive manner on FUD.


@SLEE, welcome to the forum! It is quite amazing (and humbling) to meet people like you and @Beacher.

What pump do you use?

I currently use a Medtronic 723 but that is soon to be changing, I have been told by the folks at Tandem that my new pump is in the mail, should be here any day.

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Welcome aboard Slee. We have and welcome members of all types of D. A lot of our early members were T1 and T1 parents so thus far our topics may seem to tilt the scales that way somewhat-- so I’m glad that new members are joining every day now from all walks of life with D to balance things out. Happy to have you here.

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Welcome here, SLEE! Glad to have you.

In general, is it difficult for T2’s to get insurance approval for a pump?

Welcome @SLEE!

@SLEE Welcome! It’s great to see T2’s who are proactive enough to use a pump for good control. The lines between T1 and T2, as far as treatment is concerned, are certainly blurring.

I was diagnosed T1 46 years ago at 19. My maternal grandfather had the same course of diagnosis of T1, but just about everyone else in my mother’s side had T2.

So in the past ten years or so I’ve developed insulin resistance and am benefiting from a couple of T2 drugs.

It’s all Diabetes!

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@SLEE Glad to see you here in our growing little community. There are a number of type 2 members,and as Doc has pointed out, there are more similarities than differences within the day to day management once insulin has been prescribed for a Type 2.


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Welcome @SLEE My dad and most of his numerous siblings have T2, would love to see more discussion of it on here!

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Hi everyone. I know a few of you here from other sites, and finally got around to joining this one. I’m from Vancouver, Canada and have had T1 since I was a kid, for almost 26 years now. I currently use an Animas Ping with Fiasp and a Dexcom G4 with a combination of low-carb eating, “sugar surfing”-type techniques, and pure guesswork to maintain good control. I’ve been using Fiasp for the past four months and it’s been absolutely amazing for me. Looking forward to participating here and interacting with some familiar faces!