Watch like a “maestro” - Diabox and xDrip

Hi, does anybody knows if there is any watch or wearable that can works like a “maestro” with Libre2? Nowadays we are reciving the Numbers with Diabox and xDrip. I Don’t know if exists a watch that works with these apps or if exists another app that can bé maestro in a watch

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Hi @Agnes. Welcome to FUD!

I added Diabox and xDrip to your post title. That helps call attention to the post for people that are more familiar with those apps. I personally don’t use any apps myself, so I can’t offer much advice there.

@chris, who are all the people to tag on this question? I know @docslotnick. Who else?

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Off the top of my head @MM2 @bpollina @FrederikDiabetics @sahmcolorado

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If you are getting data to xDrip, you can set up interface to watch using the Debug Settings → Smart Watch Features.

I use a fitbit ionic watch, and use a specific program called Glance, set up in my fitbit app.

But if you have other watch types, you could use the other types supported from xDrip.

The bluejay is mentioned in other posts if you search for it.


Oh thanks! Yes, it’s my first time here