Varisoft infusion sets recalled - only some lot numbers

Unomedical, who makes the Varisoft infusion sets labeled Tandem and other brands, has recalled eight lot numbers of Varisoft’s because they disconnect too easily. The lot numbers all begin with 5388:

5388367; 5388357; 5388371; 5388362; 5388368; 5388366; 5388372; 5388376

More info on the FDA site.

I have some Varisofts but all my lot numbers are more recent than the 5388 series. Tandem mailed me a notice dated January 30 that arrived today.


Sorry everyone, I am not savvy on Tandem stuff.

But I saw these 2 threads and thought they were related.

Are they related? If so, @CatLady, can you combine the 2 threads?

Eric, they are not the same thread. One is a formal recall of Verisoft infusion sets, an the other is the failure of a single XC set. Very different issues.


Thanks @Randy. I was not sure, but since they were posted so close together time-wise, I wanted to make sure @CarlosLuis saw it, in case he was using those same sets.

I just deleted my post on the other thread.