Tandem infusion set won’t connect

Ok I have been out of the pump game for awhile as just didn’t feel like wearing mine so went back to shots but I wanted to try out the new bolus from pump thing with my tandem x2. So I loaded cartridge with insulin then tried to connect my auto soft 90 infusion set and no matter how many times I try it won’t fit. Too small. So I check the box 10 times and yep it’s made by tandem and says tlock so I’m super confused. Did something change while I was under a rock?

Also someone mentioned fifty 50 pharmacy for pump supplies but there website doesn’t show anything for infusion sets or pump supplies. Shows two items only.

Are you saying your cartridge won’t fit into the T Slim or are you having issues connecting the infusion set/tube to the cartridge?
The only explanation I can think of is that the cartridge and infusion sets are from different versions.

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Does the box/label also say X2

Or does it say T:Flex?

The infusion set connector won’t fit into the cartridge connector. I’m thinking maybe the cartridge is older and not using there new T-lock type?

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Correct, there are 2 different (but similar) cartridges. You can check the image from the byram link.

Ah ok thanks! I wonder if tandem will swap them out since they are useless to me.

Why useless? The old t:slim cartridges work with any infusion sets that have a standard luer-lock connector. For instance, the Medtronic Quick-set luer-lock infusion sets work great with the old-style tandem cartridges, and I for one greatly prefer them to the infusion sets that Tandem sells.

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Oh that’s true and I actually have some Medtronic ones left I think.

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Yes they will!!! All you have to do is contact them and explain what goin on. They will exchange them.