there can be so much downtime and wait-it-out time with us PWD. sometimes we have a stubborn low, and unexpected high, and we have to wait for the resolution to take place. but what do we do in the meantime? we can choose to sit and panic and feel frustrated, or we can distract ourselves with something engaging and enjoyable.

as i have been home bound for the past 2 weeks b/c of my surgery recovery, and b/c i will have to be home bound for quite some more time ahead, i began binging on Netflix, Apple, Fios On Demand, etc etc…

there has been quite a response to the swapping of shows between us here at FUD. and, as we are so high class and intelligent people, with AbFab taste, it seems that we all have a great reason to share our television/movies watching experiences with one another.

so, dont be shy. put yourself out there. its our community. speak out and share. no judgements here. just fun. i know that i have taken suggestions already and have been more than thrilled that i did. also, it has helped me to pass the time during my period of recooperation. but you dont need an excuse to enjoy a bit of pleasurable distraction. everybody needs a good show to watch from time to time.

Share, swap, discuss, review, and remember, YDMV, so your taste may vary as well. and isnt that part of what makes us all so unique and wonderful!!!

another DM challenge.


PS: for the beginning of this conception, many suggestions have been posted on my swimming thread, so please refer there for some fabulous suggestions.

and, another BBC series i want to add to my list:

Last Tango In Halifax

enjoy :sunny:


can you throw out some of their names so we can find them? i take it that you are not a binge watcher :wink:

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(dont be shy, we wont all be agreeing on the same shows; just be considerate and appropriate of others’ passions :wink:.)

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Sadly, I can attest to watching three hours of Border Security (US, Canadian, UK, Australian) on YouTube when I’m procrastinating… lol.

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I am a bit hesitant to recommend this, because depending on what you like, this may not be a movie for you. There is no Hollywood in it. It doesn’t give you everything in a complete neat package. You don’t get a full back-story, or a nice clean satisfying finish. Do not expect a tidy ending wrapped up with a bow. It’s not a happy movie, and you won’t see it on the Hallmark channel. If you need closure, you may be disappointed.

But if you enjoy well-made movies with intense gritty realism and frenetic direction, this is 1:40 that is well-spent.

A few hours in the lives of Constantine “Connie” Nikas and his mentally handicapped brother Nicky. Connie is a hustler, a scammer, a liar, and a thief. His only redeeming quality is that he loves his brother. And with all his failings as a human being, you can’t help but feel a little bit of compassion for him. Robert Pattinson will still draw that out of you.

There are so many subtle ways in which he manipulates others. Watch carefully how he plays those around him. He is always thinking. In every situation, in every trouble, in every problem he creates - there is no hesitation in his actions. He is pathological - and at times his behavior will make you feel incredibly uncomfortable - but he is so entertaining.

Set in Queens, the films scenes in actual markets with non-actors make this such a break from the usual Hollywood fare. The bail bondsman used in the movie was actually a real bail bondsman. The prison fight scene was arranged with consultation of actual prisoners in Rikers Island.

Benny Safdie and Robert Pattinson put in unforgettable performances. Real, visceral, and at times very ugly.

Contains plenty of harsh language and violence, but never gratuitous.

A 91% rating on RT.


I’ll second that – a really good show, very well written. Watch our for a Christmas special this month. Sarah Lancashire is also stellar in the British crime drama Happy Valley; the final season is due next year. Last Tango’s Nicola Walker plays a detective in Unforgotten, less gripping as a crime show, but she’s such a treat to watch.

The Night Manager
The Night Of (:point_left: Oh look – something not British!)

I’m a sucker for good cooking shows – and serious, collegial ones, not the gimmicky, mean ones – so The Great British Bake Off (or Baking Show, depending where you’re viewing), and offshoots The Great Australian, The Great Irish, and now The Great Canadian Baking Show, as well as Masterchef: The Professionals (the British version) and The Great British Menu.

Blue Planet II for outstanding marine photography.

My partner loves watching old episodes of The Golden Girls. I resisted for a long time, but they are a lot of fun.


I did not know about these! Having run out of seasons of the original, I will have to hunt these down…

Speaking of things British, is anyone else watching the new season of the Crown on Netflix? It’s about Elizabeth II’s early years as queen (starting when her father was still alive, and now in the second season going through the early 60s I think, although I’m only partway through), and it’s a stunning show, with excellent casting/acting.

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Loved Loved Loved " Happy Valley." Also loved “The Night Of.” Also, excited that “Crown” will be coming back with a new season!!!

(great minds think a like :wink: i like your taste )

We plan to binge over Christmas. I think the casting is amazingly spot-on (except for Philip, who comes across as a petulant child, which may be close to the truth). The way Claire Foy speaks and holds herself, you’d think she and Elizabeth were identical twins. They plan to change all the casting after this season, as the Queen et al. age, and then again after season 4. It’ll be interesting to see who they choose, and whether the Queen can be played as well.

I’ve read mixed reviews about season 2. Season 1 is about Elizabeth becoming the Queen and figuring out how to live in that role, which is a compelling story. After that, what do you do? Season 2 focuses, apparently, on The Troubled Marriage, and verges on soap opera. Still, another six seasons are planned, so they better keep up the momentum.

I didn’t know there were so many monarchists in America! Did you watch Victoria, too? (I was born and raised in England, that’s my excuse.)

I confess I have even tracked down episodes in languages I don’t understand (Australian doesn’t count), such as Hela Sverige Bakar (I at least know the word “socker”), Heel Holland Bakt, and Bake Off Italia, which I can follow a bit better. But this is most likely a pathology … stay tuned for DSM-6.


I, too, like Last Tango. Saw Derek Jacobi onstage many years ago (in DC): marvelous! I get the same thrill watching Benedict Cumberbatch…

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i really have to force myself to get into Sherlock Holmes. i like Cumberbatch very much as well. and everyone has said nothing but great things about it.

He clearly had way too much fun in his role as Dr. Strange!

i’ve never even hear of Dr. Strange. is that his character in the movie where he plays the gay decoder during the war?

that’s The Imitation Game you are thinking of.

Dr. Strange is another superhero movie in the Marvel Universe of superheroes.

Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, etc.

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i love the marvel series. we just finished The Punisher. loved it. we’ve seen almost all of them. now we have a new one to see :smile:

Have you seen the one with the blind lawyer who has overly keen senses and does not need to see to kill, hurt or mame his adversaries? as long as he’s wearing his costume, he can beat the crap out of everybody.

how 'bout the one with the enormous black man who is invincable, and can deflect bullets ?

or the one with the female alcoholic who is a private investigator?

they’re so much fun. sometimes i hate fantasy and sometimes i love it. i really just have to be in the right mood for certain kinds of flicks.

Are you talking about Daredevil? Ugh. That was one of the worst superhero movies of all time.

I am hoping you have seen all 3 of the Dark Knight movies. That set the standard for the way superhero moves should be.

Batman is such a complex character with a dark side. Both good and bad. Not a cardboard cutout of a total goodie like Superman or Captain America.

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Making a Murderer on Netflix. Must see TV


Favorite TV shows of all time for both @ErinElizabeth and I are:

  • True Blood
  • Game of Thrones
  • Dark Angel (Jessica Alba)

Erin likes Star Trek Next Generation (not me…not a Star Wars or Star Trek fan)

Regular TV shows…Survivor (followed it since Season 1 and intend to try out someday.)

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