Tu, have you no shame?

So Tu (or actually thin-skinned eyebrow guy) threw me off several years ago, and I’ve never gone back. If they don’t want me, then I sure as hell don’t want them. But I just got an email from them - and guess what? It was an ad for a diabetic subscription program - they sold my email address to a third party advertiser!! I guess I’m too dangerous to post there, but they are more than happy to make a buck off of selling my email address. Disgusting.

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Lol I just got the same one.

I also received it. I’m guessing we all did.

Cut them some slack, it seems that all their donors bailed on them after they banned me… so they’re probably really hurting for money. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

True, but I was not happy to receive an advertisement, I will look today but I hope there is way to opt out.

So now I am more pissed. I was not subscribed to their Fundraising communications and they sent it anyway. uugh

Well I got unsubscribed, but it required admin intervention. Hopefully I don’t receive any more communications that aren’t allowed in my preferences. Interestingly, they killed the topic that I responded to. Poof, it never happened.

What did you say? I have the entire email in my inbox, even though I’m in exile. I’ll cut and paste the whole thing into a new thread here so we can continue the discussion.

Actually just looked it’d be too goofy to cut and paste the email here. If anyone has he post URL from the other site that they hid we can reopen it for discussion here.

We don’t have discussions and members disappearing under cover of darkness here.

I have the whole email, they killed the TU thread where I brought up the fact that my preferences don’t allow that type of communication, and I then got an admin message telling me I had been extra unsubscribed to newsletters and shouldn’t receive any more. Then they killed the thread where people complained. Now that I can be linked to my TU thread, I expect the hand of death any day.

I found the URL. Discussion continues here. They’re welcome to join but they can’t silence people here

(Can someone link to new post)

Works for you, but for those of us who don’t have accounts any more (thanks to the out of control head admin over there), we have no ability to log into our accounts to change preferences to stop anything. So I assume I will continue to get spam for as long as they are able to sell my email address. Hopefully not too much longer :slight_smile:

Yes, it really is a untenable situation they have created. And they are acting like it is no big deal. But trust is a big deal, and you should have the ability to opt out. Otherwise it is spam.

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I commented on a long post on TU a while back that was almost unintelligible, ungrammatical, and disorganized. I said that it would be interesting and possibly useful if it were coherent. The complaints flooded in and the post was removed.

They can be politically correct and strive not to offend anyone. I’d rather be accurate. Each to his own.

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Can you share it? Is it totally gone?

i’ll check. You or another member invited me to fud after I commented on a
completely depressing. Tu post. Im glad others have similar attitudes.

Oh, yep that was me. I saw that thread last night and had the same reaction that you did. I didn’t recognize your new username.

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