Trying to write a small Android app for personal use

I’ve got a small app I wrote some time ago that I use to help me remember what I ate and how much Fiasp worked. Historically I’ve downloaded the data from my FreeStyle meter to my PC and then emailed it to my phone and imported it into the app. About once a month as it was a bit of a pain. I’ve recently discovered xdrip+ and have got that working with the Libre 2, but I’m not sure of the best intergration point to extract data from it. Has any one do this before, any tips on where to start?

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Check this prior post.

One option is this:

  1. You can export data to excel in a .csv file with the import- export feature. Three dot menu in upper right corner of main screen> import> export features.

Welcome to FUD @KJH1964! Are you still using your app, or just looking for a different solution?

Thanks, I’ll take a look at that. The Tidepool option might be nice, ideally I’d like something near realtime and automated, so a manual export and import does not move me on much from what I currently do (except Abbot want to retire the PC app (FreeStyle Libre Software v1.0), ;-))

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@Chris Thanks, Yes, I’m still using my app, and would like to continue to do so. Currently I use it as a food diary on steroids, so it reminds me about how much I injected last time I ate something and what the result was. If I can get near realtime data into it, I’d also like to trigger Hi and Low glucose alerts as I have three seperate regimes I operate alarms for, driven by different regulations, and it would be nice to be able to easily toggle (possibly even on a rule based basis) between regimes, rather than, as I now do, set new limits each time I change regime.

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Nightscout is also integrated with xDrip+. It also provides alerts.

After a pause whilst I took some exams I am returning to this. I found that xDrip+ has source code that seems to show how it reads information from Juggluco, which in turn uses the Libre software to interpret the results from the sensor across bluetooth, very impressive effort. I’m an edge case, targetting completely normal blood sugar and very tight control, so I’ll not dilute the project with my source code driven by OCD requirements but if it works I will make a financial contribution to xDrip+.

I’ll also post a long entry on what I had to do; which will answer my original question and allow us to close this thread.

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