Freesyle libre 2 and XDrip

I have a question regarding freestyle libre2 and XDrip, is it compatible with the xDrip

I don’t think it is. The reason being that the communication module (i.e. MiaoMiao) hasn’t been able to crack the 14-day Libre’s yet. Once they do, the answer is yes.

I disagree with Chris…the us 14 day libre issue is not supposed to affect the libre 2 and the blucon and miao miao websites claim they work with the libre 2

…I believe the libre 2 app will still read via Bluetooth, then xdrip takes the data from the app…using watches as collectors probably won’t work with the libre 2…doesn’t matter for us citizens, as its not in the us yet…

Well that is great news, I thought that was an issue, but we are Dexcom users currently, so clearly my info isn’t up to date. Glad they solved the issue!