FreeStyle Libre 1 + miaomiao 2 + xdrip issues

I am going desperate…
Yesterday I inserted my first in my life FreeStyle Libre 1 sensor.

Then I:
Connected to it MiaoMiao2
Activated FreeStyle Libre 1 with eDropletNFC
Installed the last version (2020 Jan 15) of xdrip+ (from here: NightscoutFoundation/xDrip)

First time that worked and I was so excited. The results were not very accurate, but that was expected because only few hours passed.

Then suddenly in the middle of night data went mad and BG dropped to near 0 (actual BG was not low)

I waited an hour and it didn’t fix, so I reinstalled xdrip+ app, restarted miaomiao and tried to connect again.

Now the raw data is received (according to logs, attaching screens). But is is not interpretted as BG.

Probably this happenes because when I add initial calibration, there is an error (every time).

I tried to repeat things (removing xdrip and start from scratch few times), but nothing was fixed.

Very appreciate any help.

P.S. I saw recommendation to restart FS sensor itself, but afraid to do sharp movements.
Sometimes a new popup is shown saying that some collections vere not successfull

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I live in the u.s., so our sensors are different ( more encrypted), I had a similar setup…it is probably a combination of Bluetooth settings and the firmware on the miaomiao2… you can download an app to change your firmware, however, it has to be the miaomiao2 and libre 1 combination… good luck…if your libre reader is off as well, it might be something else ( antibiotics or nsaids always affect my sensors), but if your reader or NFC scan is fine, its probably a firmware issue


Thank you for your support.
I removed all my calibrations (Stop Sensor → Don’t stop, just reset all calibrations) and added new (exact 1 value). Before I unchecked “Double Calibration”.
Not sure what helped me, may be just an occasion. It works last 30 minutes, I am very hope this will be for the rest of period.


Glad you got it working, and Welcome to FUD @harentius !

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where are you?

I am in scotland

I use the sensors own meter as I have to start the sensor with it and so the use of a NFR device seams a little over the top.

I do not trust the sensor data to be accurate

I do however depend on the trend data, as this is what spot checking does not cover.

The notion of keeping such close watch on my sugar levels by any device will only become important when I move to an artificial pancreas which is not likely to be in the near future.

At £52 a unit it is best to use as simple and robust a process as possible.

BTW you can get them replaced (here on the nhs) direct from abbot if you knock one clean off on the corner of a wall or if you put one into a nerve.


I am in Ukraine, I think I can’t officially replace sensor in case of failure or bad insertion. They only have some “ABBOTT DIABETES CARE IN UKRAINE” (but this is not really Freestyle Libre, Freestyle Libre is unavailable at all, I think) phone number on their site, I didn’t find official store, or ability to use LibreLink app.
I use FreeStyle Libre 1 with MiaoMiao2 for almost 1 month and it is really good, better than I expected, but not without issues.
I had an initial issue (for which I desperately searched for help including this forum), but looks like that was because the data during the first day is so inaccurate so better to put sensor 12-24 hours before activating.
I did this with my second and third sensors, and after activation they worked fine.
I must admit that in my case the data is very close to my glucose meter’s result. May be I am just lucky. I verify BG 1 or 2 times a day, but the last days I skip this check at all. I do my calibrations only on the first and may be on the second days.

Second issue which I faced was that my second sensor just stopped to work on the fourth day. I was not able to read it using MiaoMiao2 as well as using eDropletNFC. For devices it looked like there is just nothing here on my arm). So now I going to try to use my third sensor slightly more then 14 days, but will defimitely check BG once or twice a day.


Really glad the Libre is working for you. Like you, my son has no problems using the CGM data and doesn’t need to calibrate very often. I honestly think you are in the majority, and that while problems get talked about more often than the good outcomes, that most people are able to successfully use a CGM without much issue.

Are you really not able to replace bad sensors for free? That would be a significant issue for us, we do run into bad sensors pretty regularly at least once per month.


Wow, that’s too often. I thought it was accidental bad luck.
So symptoms are the same, sensors just stop to work? (Not wrong data or so, just literally “power off”?)
Interesting why there are so many factory defects.
Well, I’ll check if I can replace it. May be reseller can do this.


So the sensor manufacturing process requires a bunch of layers to be placed on the sensor with no defects, bad sensors happen. We use Dexcom rather than the Libre, but there are similar level of reports from Libre users that there are issues that crop up. Now we see that the problems are batch related, so we have gone a few months with no issues, but then will get a couple bad ones in a row.


I had exact same problem. Turned out the sensor was not applied properly - it didn’t went through the skin as deep as it should


Sorry you were having problems with the sensors, glad you got it figured out. What did you do to correct? Also, Welcome to FUD!


I have been using FreeStyle Libre 1 with miaomiao 2 and xdrip for 9 months and wanted to share some observations about which I wanted to know earlier than I actually did.

  1. Calibrations should be performed during the time when BG is stable. The more stable BG, the better calibration. This is very important. I prefer to skip calibration if my BG is not flat. If conditions are good I calibrate 1-2 times a day. But if conditions are not good - then better to skip calibration at all. 2-3 days without calibrations seems ok if there was a good one during good conditions. Anyway it is better than add a wrong calibration
  1. Sometimes results can become dramatically different from GM (1-3 mmol/l difference). If this happens, xdrip can even don’t accept (or apply) so dramatic calibration updates (it accepts points, but looks like the BG line is not adjusted to it). If that happens, you can remove all calibrations and start the new calibration line. And results will be precise (if follow the previous rule)

  2. That happened a lot of times for me: xdrip thinks that results are too unreliable and prevents me from creating a calibration line. (When I remove all calibration). And then xdrip receives data but doesn’t calculate BG. I struggled a lot with this, I tried to recreate my calibration line multiple times, turned off my phone and all kinds of dark magic.
    However, the solution is very simple: just remove all calibrations and wait for a while (up to a few hours) before starting a new calibration. That always worked for me and saved a lot of nerves.

Hope that will help someone.

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