Libre 2 App for USA

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First, sorry if this has been addressed before. I tried searching but I can’t find anything specific to what I am asking or I just don’t know how to use the search function affectively.

I got the Freestyle Libre 2 back in Oct. I was told that the app would soon be released but here we are in a new year and still nothing. I know the app exists over in Europe and I know its not here yet due to FDA stuff but does anyone have any insight on when it will be available? I am tired of carrying the sensor scanner around and I was hoping to have all my data in my smartphone (iOS). I know there are patches for Android but I do not think there is anything for iOS other than a bluetooth reader that goes on the sensor, not really wanting to do that unless thats the only option. What are your thoughts?

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I am sure that someone will have more information than I, but I just wanted to say that the new bluetooth readers are pretty small. Might be worth investing in until the official app comes along.

Do you have any recommendations which one of the bluetooth readers to look at? Ones that work well with iOS?

I have heard good things about the Miao Miao 2, and I think there is one other option but I can’t recall what it is.

There might be an issue, see this thread:

you’d have to use the us 14 day, not the uslibre2, but the 2nd version of the blucon from ambrosia works well with iOS… seemed very limited on alarm choices when I tried it, and you need to use Sony cr2032 batteries… I purchased 100 on Amazon… usually lasts 10-14 days less if you are away from your phone often…it supposedly works with apple watches also…I tried miaomiao2, but their tomato app didn’t work consistently for me and only works with android 9

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