Trulicity shortage

So, I renewed my prescription for Trulicity with my pharmacist last Friday, who said he’d have it on Monday. I went to pick it up today, Thursday (Friday morning is my injection time), and he told me that it’s backordered all over the Northeast and he can’t get it. (I don’t know why he didn’t tell me that on Monday - I use an independent pharmacy for the personal service, not for convenience - but that’s a different question.) I called around and, fortunately, found a 24-hour CVS in reasonable driving distance that says they have some in stock, so bullet dodged, but apparently it really is severely backed up due to supply chain what not. I don’t know how much this is affecting other drugs - but be proactive and don’t wait until the last minute to renew your scripts.


Probably not supply chain but because doctors are prescribing Ozempic off label for weight loss. This has caused a shortage of Ozempic causing many diabetics to switch to Trulicity which is now in short supply until March 2023.

One of the side effects of Ozempic is weight loss, so some doctors have been prescribing the drug as an off-label use (the unapproved use of an approved drug) for weight loss in those without diabetes—Ozempic has not been approved by the FDA as a weight loss drug .


Yep, I was about to post the same thing and then I saw you had already said it.

Off topic: I know all the insulins. I know every single one of them and the differences between them all. If they had that as a category on Jeopardy, I’d definitely win!

But all of the T2 medicines, I get lost on those.


Got it. Thanks! I was just repeating what the pharmacist said. I’d better start very early for my March supply - of course, the insurance company won’t let me renew too early. :roll_eyes:

So many hoops….


I am not allowed to order prescriptions early, unless I pay out of pocket. It’s frustrating because it requires so much planning to leave it till my last vial of insulin is in use in my pump. I may pay out of pocket to at least have 1 buffer, but I’m not rich, so yeah…


Ask your doctor to increase your prescription. If the prescription is written in the form “use up to XX units per day” the doctor can chose the XX number to get you enough vials that you don’t risk running out. After all, if you are sick or get a steroid injection or something your insulin needs will temporarily increase, and your doctor wouldn’t want you to run out, so it should be possible.


Great idea!! Will do, thanks.