Ozempic - NYT article

Probably of only limited interest, but maybe some -

“As more patients turn to diabetes medications like Ozempic for other uses, a shortage has taken hold. But doctors say going off these drugs can take a toll.” [Emphasis added]



For those who are unable to open the link because of the paywall, try opening the link in a private window with TOR. It will take a while to open, but it will and you can read the article for free, paywall or no.


This link might be easier. Sorry about the paywall thing - and sorry if this doesn’t work any better.

NYT paywall. Cannot read

Hi @keshazel -

I can’t tell because I’m a subscriber, but @elver put up a workaround, and I put up a second link which should get you around the paywall. Still no luck?

In any event, welcome to FUD!

This is a gift article link to the article, possibly it might work (at least for the first person…)

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Here’s an archive.org link:

Many paywalled links can be retrieved from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. You can start exploring it here: