Adding some more info on my use of trulicity - the doctor recommended for a couple of reasons

  • reduce my basal peak that I have 7am to 3pm each day
  • maybe lose some weight
  • slow down the blood sugar rise after eating carbs

I’ve been on it for 3 months now - started on the lower dose for 1 month but then increased to the highe dose
I lost 14 lbs - I was 226lb - 6ft - now 212 - should be 195-200 - but the weight loss which is really as it kills your appetite like invokana has stopped fo about a month now
My humalog need for my basal peak from 7am to 3pm has gone from 6 units every 3hrs to 3 units so it’s halved
My morning tresiba has reduced from 32 to 20 but I’m not sure trulicity had anything to do with that - I was just over dosing on trulicity
The rise after eating has slowed so I can have eat first and then inject bolus afterwards and not experience a large rise
Side effects for the first month were awful stomach pains / gas and diarrhea but these have all now gone
So overall it seems to be good at keeping my hunalog needs during the day lower


@Robellengold, what a great review! This is probably worth its own thread, really valuable!


As a complement to what @Robellengold wrote above:

Trulicity is originally a drug focused at T2 diabetes. It is injectable, used once per week. It comes in single-use pen doses right now. It is a GLP-1 type drug: in T2s, it helps generate a pancreas response (more insulin) when sugar levels go up.

Several types of T2 drugs have shown effectiveness with T1s as well in the last few years. Trulicity is one of them. I am mentioning this point because I notice that @Robellengold is a T1 :slight_smile:

I think it would be great if others (T1s and T2s) can share their experience (or knowledge) of Trulicity and other such drugs. They are very promising to many of us who have not tried them yet.

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In this interesting thread on Trulicity at tuD, several posters are mentioning (a) taking Trulicity for weight loss, and (b) seeing a wearing-off effect after several months that caused them to switch to another similar drug.

Positive effects reported in the thread (anecdotal, of course) include weight loss and improved A1c.