Tidepool to nightscout

Does anyone have a way to get tidepool data exported over to nightscout? Or to run autotune on tidepool data? I want to adjust my settings (well, need to), but Control IQ makes it hard to tell what exactly needs adjusting with all thats going on. I’d like to have autotune crunch the numbers for me, but I can’t get the pump’s data to it.

Or am I going to be stuck turning off ControlIQ for a few days to get data on my nightscout that I can run autotune with?


Not sure about the technical solution, but can you talk more about Autotune? I know nothing about it and it seems interesting.

Basically, autotune will take your data- be it a local database on an OpenAPS rig or a web hosted database on a nightscout site, and analyze the trends. With enough information it can tell you if your carb ratio needs to increase, or if your basal needs to increase at a certain time, or anything like that. Its similar to looking at a week’s worth of CGM data and saying “hey, I’m rising from 4am to 7am every day. Let me up my basal rate from 3am to 6am by 10%” except the math that OpenAPS does (assuming the inputs are good) is far beyond the estimating we can do looking at the data. It accounts for meals, boluses and temporary basals to see where it would predict your BG ends up, and then calculate what your needs are based on where you ended up.

My Control IQ setup nets me about 150 basal changes and 4-10 boluses a day. That’s a whole lot more information that I can wrap my head around, hence wanting to hand off the hard work to a computer.


Very cool, we will have to check that out. We are having good luck with Control IQ currently, but you can always get better. Hopefully someone comes along shortly with an answer. I know we have a good number of loopers that might be familiar with the connections necessary.


@MM1992 Where does your tidepool data come from? From where is it uploaded to tidepool?

The tidepool uploader captures all of the data from the pump. I’ve looked at exporting data from tconnect, but that doesn’t give any data as far as the temp basals. Tidepool data includes all of that, and while its not officially working, as far as I can tell the data is all accurate.

@MM1992 I think you can use xDrip+ with Control IQ, then upload data from xDrip+ to Nightscout.
I know it works with Basal-IQ but don’t know about Control-IQ. I also am unsure of how much detail you get in xDrip+, but I think it’s worth a look.

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Yea, I’m using xDrip+ for my decom data and its uploading, but having that is nightscout is half of what I want. The other half is getting the basal rate data off the pump.

You can export data from Tidepool but I’m not aware of a tool to import it to nightscout. Perhaps a script could do it.
What pump up loader are you using? There is NightscoutUploader which can upload data from Diasend Glooko and also various pumps to Nightscout.


I created a small tool for this purpose:
Go to GitHub and find TidepoolToNightScoutSync. (I cannot post links as new user :frowning: )

It is free and it works and I use it myself.


Welcome to FUD @skala_honza! I will send you a PM that you can give me the link and I can post it for you.

This is the GitHub Link for anyone who is interested.

GitHub - skalahonza/TidepoolToNightScoutSync: This tool helps syncing data from Tidepool to NightScout. Currently only normal bolus and carbs are supported.