NightScout help

My wife and I have a 9.5 year old that is just under two years T1D
We are starting the process of OmniLooping
Just set up NightScout last night, which is awesome, with the hopes of running Autotune before we go live on the Loop
Can I upload the OmniPod data to Nightscout or do I have to enter everything in manually in regards to corrections, temp basals and carbs/bolus ?

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@Eric, @ClaudnDaye, @bpollina Thoughts?

We use ‘shortcuts’ to enter this information into NS. You can find more info about this here

People also create IFTTT controls, but we found shortcuts to be simpler and we don’t have any advanced needs that shortcuts can’t do, which IFTTT can do.


Awesome, thanks
I figured there was a way to do this and appreciate the heads up
Will look into this tonight


The shortcut I use for most things is the first one - Nightscout Note (Ability to log 8 separate items to Nightscout.) It’s got all the shortcuts within it for all the things you’ll find yourself needing to enter into NS on a daily basis.


Once you are on Loop, all your Loop (pump and BGs) data will automatically upload to your Nightscout site, as long as you have an Internet connection.