My Omnipod Loop Progress so far

I’ve made a lot of progress with my Omnipod Loop.
If you want to check it out, see here

Few questions for you techies:

  1. Why on my nightscout site do I not have the 3 graphs? See

  2. It appears that I have to use Dexcom share to get it to work. I noticed the web site lags a bit behind as does my Galaxy S10+ which feeds my watch. Should I change the source on S10+ from nightscout to share perhaps?

  3. Data wise, any idea how much it is using? I"m on an unlimited plan for now, but once the promo is over, may switch to a by the gb plan.

  4. When doing basal testing, it says to change it to OPEN loop while testing. Does that mean that the basal settings will work without intervention, just not the micro boluses that are adjusted every 5 minutes?

Any other tips to share?


Great progress @bpollina!

Not sure what you mean by 3 graphs? Maybe you are asking how to show the basals enacted by Loop? In Nightscout, click on the 3-little-bars icon in the upper right area. Scroll down, and select one of the pull-down options under “Render Basal”, Default or Icicle (upside-down, some people prefer that). Also, scroll all the way down under Show Plugins and select everything you want, including Basal Profile, which will in dashed lines also show your default basal rates (assuming you entered them on Nightscout). If I misunderstood the question, sorry about that, just let me know.

I’d give that a try - should cut the delay in seeing your bg on S10+

Not much, I think around 100 MB per month should be more than enough for Loop and Dexcom uploads. If you are spending significant amount on time on wi-fi, cellular data usage would of course be reduced.

If you keep Loop open, it will not do anything on its own. Your pod will run with its default basal rate settings, just like a regular pod. During open-loop operation, if you wish you can still manually accept any temp-basal recommendations, enter carbs, and issue boluses manually. Also, just a small technical detail: when running closed-loop, Loop does not do micro-boluses, it works by adjusting temp basal rates every five minutes.


That worked! Thanks.

Cool. Would only need it open for basal testing which it appears I need to do. This loop is much more sensitive and less forgiving than the base #s my doc gave me for my 630G which I used for my omonipod.

Just need to find time to actually bite the bullet and do it. I work 2nd shift, so there is no easy time to measure as I eat my last meal at 10pm and try to be asleep by 1-2am.

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