Omnipod Looping

I am running my customized version of Loop now. I call it Bane.


I changed all the insulin models, onset time, peak, duration, and all the default carb absorption times. Made it fit me a little better.

I am only running Closed at night. No reason for me to do it during the day.

I turned off the passcode requirement for bolusing, but I need to get a watch and see if that’s easy to use for bolusing while running.

I’ll probably tinker with the setting some more after a few days. I want to modify the momentum thing a bit.

BTW, this is my “D” folder. I really don’t even know what the heck Glooko does! :rofl: I’ve never used it. :man_shrugging: I’ve used CalorieKing sometimes. I think it’s a decent app for getting nutrition info.


“Bane” looks pretty fierce!! :slight_smile:

Wow, you customized quite a few of the settings. I only did a few since I was not too confident to begin with of my pre-Loop settings! I did turn off the bolus passcode support. That is probably useful only for kids.

I’ve used Diasend, which I think is now part of Glooko. I don’t use it anymore though since I no longer use the OmniPod PDM uploader! I’ve used Calorie King website. I didn’t know they had an app, but I agree, their food db is pretty good.

Btw, you may want to install the Tidepool mobile app on your iPhone because then you’ll be able to see both BGs and Insulin data on the Tidepool website. The app is integrated with Apple Health and will upload your data to your Tidepool account. That is what I use. I also have Nightscout, too, for more useful reports.

I hope Loop works for you overnight. It does a good job for me. And eventually with bolusing when you get the watch. Of course, you’ll need to carry the iPhone + RL with you on your runs now.:frowning:


That part is not too bad of a trade-off, since I currently need the PDM.

Would Tidepool make it easier to see total bolus and total basal for a day? I can’t find it anywhere in Loop.

I see total insulin in Apple Health, but I can’t see a breakout of units of basal versus units of bolus in Apple Health.


Ah, that’s right. I rarely carried my PDM before, just wore my stadalone watch as the Dexcom collector:)

Yes, Tidepool shows the total bolus and basal, as well as averages over a period that you can select. Have a look at one of my Tidepool graphs that I posted earlier in this thread. I think some of them show the insulin totals, as well as standard deviations.

Also, tapping Insulin Delivery in Apple Health will display a graph of the deliveries throughout the day and totals of each per hour.

But it looks to me like it only shows insulin delivery when you are in Closed Loop!! Because I have been in Open since this morning and it shows nothing delivered since about 8:30 am this morning. And I know I have been getting basal all that time!

So that means for me, Apple Health does not really provide me with any useful data.

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Oh, shoot! I didn’t think of that.

I wonder if there is a way to create an override to give you your desired basals throughout the day so you could use closed loop with your desired basals.???

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Or maybe a feature request could be submitted to integrate open loop with Apple Health??

I just installed the TidePool mobile app. I see nothing in there.

The thing is, I don’t enter carbs or anything like that, anywhere, ever. So when I synched TidePool with Apple Health, it probably couldn’t find anything. So my TidePool thingy is totally blank.

I also tried logging into the website. Same thing, nothing is in there.
I don’t know, maybe I am looking for stuff in the wrong place. All I really wanted to see were the insulin deliveries from Loop today. :man_shrugging:

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By the way, here is a good picture of my insulin depletion graph. I took this right after I started a 4 unit bolus. It ramps up very quickly, and also disappears quickly. I believe this is much different than the standard insulin models they have with the app. I’m curious to look at what a standard one looks like in comparison. I think the Walsh model only lets you set duration. For mine I changed peak and onset as well as duration.

This picture gives a good idea of it.

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You do need to create a Note in the Tidepool app on the iPhone before it will begin syncing I think, but I’m not sure if this is why nothing is showing in Tidepool. At least you should see BGs and days from overnight. Also there is a Sync Health data now menu item under the 3 bar menu which you can tap anytime to push data to the Tidepool website.

Wow, it sure does!! So duration looks to be just over an hour! So if you were closed loop, Loop would probably be giving you a ZB during this hour and then switch back to your scheduled basal as long as bg was on target.

I’ll post a screenshot of mine on my next bolus in a few hours. I’m using the rapid acting child model for the earlier onset, but still has a 6 dia.

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It’s pretty easy to make your own custom insulin duration, peak, and onset time.

Just edit this file:

$ YOUR_LOOP_ROOT_FOLDER//LoopCore//Insulin//ExponentialInsulinModelPreset.swift

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Thanks! Yes, I did that for the rapid acting adult. I reduced the duration. But after reading that so many of the developers recommend the full 6 hours I decided to try to get that to work for me, hence I’m using the child model in Loop now. Hwr, if I have a sticky high I sometimes switch to the adult model to get more basal. I don’t end up using it very often. But at least I have it as an option.

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I like your out-of-the-box mentality!

What if I had a target BG of 30-400 during the day? Wouldn’t loop think, “Hey, he’s in his target range, we can leave his BG alone…”

And then at night, if my BG target was 70-70, suddenly Loop would start making adjustments and try to keep me there.

So I could stay in Closed Loop the whole time, but essentially it would only make changes at night.

What do you think?

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Yes, I think it might work! Maybe give it a try today and see if Loop maintains your scheduled basals? If you bolus w/out adding carbs though, it might predict a NEGATIVE BG that no longer meets your target range, and could initiate a ZB temp. :frowning:

@Eric, here is my bolus from tonight… I just gave a pre-bolus of 1.75U for 30g carbs w/ absorption 5 hours. It typically takes my dinner a long time to be absorbed :frowning: So the predicted BG of 204 is NOT going to happen (I HOPE not!). Not sure why I’m getting a +1U basal but I am trending up due to ZB temps earlier. So this is with the Rapid Acting Child model with NO code customizations, so it has a DIA of 6 hours. I think onset and peak is slightly different than the Adult model.

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I used both our delivery times to line them up. Quite a difference, not only in the DIA, but also in the curve.

Thanks for posting.

Right, I forgot about that. I can’t do it that way . :-1:

Thanks for helping me think through it.


Oh, I did not know that - I thought Loops writes insulin to Health in open loop. The 30-400 idea makes sense, but as @Trying noted, Loop would still zero temp after a bolus. I think it would not be too difficult to modify the code so that the programmed basal is enforced in closed-loop no matter what (this may be one or two lines of code) - let me know if you are interested, would be happy to take a look.

You do not need to actually deliver the bolus to see how the IOB decay curve looks like. Just tap on the Insulin Model, and Loop will show you the IOB decay curve for the four choices. If you made any customization, that would be automatically reflected in the curve shown.

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Okay. I looked at that picture but couldn’t tell if it was just a stock photo or an actual graph, since it was so small. Thanks!

Thanks, that would be nice to experiment with!

But I think the only reason for me to stay in Closed is to be able to get my basal and bolus totals, right?

I mean, I can switch back and forth between Open and Closed to get my programmed basals or not, but is the lack of data the only think I am missing by being in Open? Is there any other place that data is available?

I am shopping watches now. Ultimately, the make-or-break deal for me is if I can bolus easier when running.

Thank you both, @dm61 and @Trying, for the info and help!

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