The Unlimited Map



(mentally stabbing and slashing aimlessly in the air)

The horror of New Jersey (NJ) being lumped in with New England (NE).

Gonna need some mental yoga to come back from that.


Hi @BadMoonT2! There is no spellchecker on this forum sw. But I run the browser extension Grammarly that spellchecks me on the fly. I still forget to check the results though :slight_smile:


That may be very useful for me too! Thank you!


Tight control is definitely a part of it! But here, by the term unlimited, we mean being able to do things that any non-diabetic can do. Want that banana split or milkshake? Have it!!! Just learn HOW to have it with diabetes while still getting those good numbers. Want to climb the highest mountain or anything else? Do it! We believe diabetes doesn’t define or restrict us. That’s how we work to be unlimited.


I have lived in several of the green states, but currently in Indiana.
Turn another state green !!!


I was just looking at the map a few hours ago, wondering at Indiana a couple hours S of us, wondering just about who might be living there :slight_smile:





That Nevada is really bugging me… and New Mexico and Montanan a

How to spellcheck your posts

Added the Philippines for @sally888



Did someone forget to pay the light bill at TuDiabetes?

@mentat is Australian I believe.


That’s right! Sydney, Australia.










We gotta do something about the prairie states!

Maybe we should go canvas them on a road trip :slight_smile:

And what about the southern states E of Tx?


Where is Thas from?


Btw, @Eric, @Shelby1 is from MO, you should fill that one up!


They don’t have internet yet


You are truly awful :slight_smile:

That said, in the 80s I was once stopped for speeding late on a Friday night in Mississippi (on my way from SC to LA) and the trooper would only accept cash with no receipt available…


Plausible, what else could explain why we have no members from Alabama? According to this map everyone in Alabama has diabetes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: