So now that we’ve settled the name debate and seem to have our forum web address set I think it’s time to revisit the subject of the logo… I have exactly zero creativity or artistic ability but I just want to get the discussion and ideas flowing here…


Any ideas? I need to get the graphic art work done – it has been slipping week for week every week, because of conflicting work required on other aspects of launch.

The graphic artists will need ideas from us. So let’s see some amazing creativity right now!

Quick idea…Logo should be simple I think. Something that conveys the message without too much to distort it.

The “F” and “D” are encapsulated in the “Infinity” sign…thereby representing For Unlimited Diabetes(ics)

Will think on it more. Will also see if my kids can get involved…kids are often times the most creative.

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Diabetes is a puzzle…

Why are there letters missing?

Honestly, because I forgot to add them…but they could remain missing for those “missing pieces” that, no matter how hard we try…we just can’t figure them out…or we just can’t (at this point in time) mimic a perfectly functioning pancreas and immune system. Those missing letters represent the highs and the lows that we can’t explain…

Extra credit if you can find all the hidden words (and acronyms). :smiley:

PS - I know that, as a logo…this may be too much, but just throwing out ideas as they come to me.

I can’t draw worth a crap, but maybe a “super hero”…cape and all as the Logo (Name maybe “Super D”). He carries his “kit” with him wherever he goes…helping and educating those in need. Proving that diabetics are (or can be) superheros.

Keep them coming!

What would be helpful: are there any things you can think of, that are very concrete, and associated to diabetes, in a way where everyone would associate the two is they saw the logo?

“Everyone” in the diabetic community? Or everyone…everyone? Because I was part of the everyone…everyone before diabetes and I wouldn’t have been able to associate anything with anything as it relates to diabetes.

I was going to ask on my first post…what message do we want to convey with the logo?

At least, it should connect people with diabetes to diabetes.

It would be nice if it was dismissive of diabetes – reflective of our name.

it should be recognizable in a very small image.

This part will be the biggest challenge I think…

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So this is a little edgy but what about integrating a cartoonish image of a hand with the middle finger… which would go hand in hand with “FUDiabetes” maybe it could be made a little hard to recognize unless you were really looking for it

Little guy (I’m a crappy artist…even with paint…don’t laugh) jumping off the “cliff” w/o a chute.

Something like this? Not so hard to recognize, though. hehehehehe


Well maybe something a little more socially acceptable… again I’m not artistic but thinking something where you might not even notice it’s a middle finger unless someone tipped you off to look for it… like the naked Indian in a pack of camel cigarettes logo

Very hard in an…already very small image.

What image symbolizes diabetes best?

Non electronic devices are best.

Less noticeable, but still there. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sam and I have already discussed and drawn up the image that symbolizes diabetes best…

the middle finger. lol…

I know what you’re asking, though. As even someone who didn’t know anything about diabetes, I knew it had SOMETHING to do with sugar…so sugar would be the only identifiable “image” I would have known before being plunged into the dark abyss of diabetes…wait…it’s not a dark abyss (as long as I make it not be…)

So maybe a glucose molecule? But it’s hard to think of something that symbolizes diabetes AND our “dismissive” message AND small enough to be discernible in a logo sized image.

I like the way the F and the U and the D are stacked there and it almost looks like a number with a fraction… which is a valid concept when it comes to diabetes…

Dose/ day
Basal rates/ hour
Etc etc are all things that can be abbreviated mathematically and integrated into the image maybe with the underlying message “FU diabetes” ?

We should not try to design something: the graphic artists can worry about doing that.

We need to give them symbols with the right meaning. What graphical symbols represent diabetes best in the mind of a person with diabetes? That’s the input they need from us.

Sorry, I’m a visual person.