The Unlimited Map


@Boerenkool, you are worse than @Sam:slight_smile:


I LOVE this map btw :slight_smile: I live in the state of CHEESE.


Should I be proud of that? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hmmm. Not sure about you :slight_smile: I am not quite sure how I feel about it…

[EDIT] Oops - did not apply your reply to the appropriate msg of mine… Yes, definitely proud!


Someone made 31 of these stereotype maps:


These are AWESOME!

I love them all. But I particularly like the location of the Suez canal.


I love TX. When I was stationed there, at Ft. Hood, I got pulled over with two of my brothers in Texarkana. I have been a concealed carrier since the mid 90’s. I informed the police officer that I was a concealed carrier and after we swapped some Military war stories, he was checking out my Limited Edition Kimber Ultra Shadow .45. He also let me check out his Ruger (he unloaded it, and let me check it out while he was checking mine out.) He was so cool. I’ve never ran into such cool State Troopers as I did in TX. Multiple really awesome experiences with them.


I carry a kimber tactical custom II (when I’m not carrying something else)


Can’t believe you fell for that.

Added Missouri.


Probably beat the alternative.


Added @Gretchen

Let me know if anyone else is missing.


Where is everyone from?

I know this is a crazy old post, but I stumbled across it and for some reason this comment made me laugh. You guys are welcome to color in Kansas on my behalf, if you’d like some help filling in the plains! I promise I do have both internet service and diabetes :wink:


Hey… I’m from South Dakota, people… Color SD green!


Just me from Mexico? that’s not possible! :smiley:


I will add you to the map when you got a minute.


@Eric, you should also update the very first post at the beginning of the thread with the last maps, so that newcomers can see the latest on the first post.


I kind of like seeing the growth progress. So people can scroll down and watch the green expand!