The Unlimited Map


I thought it would be cool to post a map of the Unlimiteds.

I started with the U.S., mostly just from reading posts and from memory. I may have missed your state. If so, lemme know and I can fill it in.

For the world map, I have only done the U.S. and Canada. I know we have many other countries represented, but I don’t even know where to begin on that. Maybe people can send me some countries and I can add them.

Let’s paint the world!


Welcome, introduce yourself here!
FUD emergency stash and natural catastrophy network?

@Britt in Maine
@jeff_h15 in Arizona

There not active on here though
@mike_barry in Illinois (eta I see now you’ve got Illinois… I get it and Indiana confused because they have to go to Indiana to buy handguns)
@slee in Tennessee (rhymes even)

@Pianoplayer7008 are you on there?

I thought we had some Nevadans too but I can’t remember who


A tiny spot on the world map: The Netherlands


Good food and beer though. Had the best rice table of my life.


Yup - I’m in TX


That’s surprising. We aren’t known for our cuisine, but I’m glad you had some good food :smiley:


Updated. Added Tennessee, Main, Arizona, Spain, and Netherlands.




We’re missing the entire Great Plains! What’s going on, they don’t have Internet? Or beetus?


I love oma soup and those absolutely giant meatballs (can’t remember what they are called).


@jroth is Germany.


I don’t know what oma soup is, oma means grandma. Perhaps it’s a vegetable soup according to grandma’s recipe. Are our meatballs (you mean gehaktballen, right?) that giant? We usually consider everything from the US giant :joy:


Oma soup is soup made by Oma! It is not eating Oma :laughing:. For my wife’s familty it is groentesoep met balletjes.

And that is the word I was looking for - gehaktballen!

EDIT: And gehaktballen are giant compared to the marble-sized meatballs that get put in the groentesoep.


What a GREAT idea this is!


Adding Deutschland.




Rijsttafel !!! I LOVE that! I used to make it at home often.

Amazing memories of these meals in Amsterdam – always after the museum visits rather than before, cos you can’t really walk afterwards.


“Omas Suppe” / The soup that grand Ma was cooking, is always the best soup in the world.
It’s not a specific recipe. It’s always the one recipe that only the own grandma can cook.
So it’s difficult to say what’s your grandma’s special recipe. :slight_smile:


My username is actually another traditional Dutch (winter) dish: stamppot boerenkool, mashed potatoes with kale (preferably served with rookworst (smoked sausage)).


I have it on good authority there are other things you can do in Amsterdam where you can’t really walk afterwards.


Y’all are making me hungry, looking up these dishes…particularly the rijstaffel, @Michel and @Chris.


Stop thinking about food and go recruit in some of those states to the north of you, PP!