The Unlimited Map


…I got off and cooked jambalaya instead…


So you recruited someone from Louisiana?


Well, technically, y’all sort of already did - though born and now living again in TX, I spent most of my life in LA.


Ohhh. Now I am hungry! I LOVE jambalaya!


It was a (successful) instant pot experiment. Next IP experiment: gumbo.


Where are you getting your IP ideas ? I think I might know someone who might get one for Christmas


Are you going to give her a vacuum cleaner too?


Nah I’ve already gotten her like 3 of those and the house is still a mess


From Pinterest - huge time suck, but it actually has a lot of great recipes.


I would LOVE your gumbo recipe!!!


@EricH and I are in California! It’s on there, it I thought I’d share. :wink:

That would be my second country, if I could leave the USA. Love The Netherlands.


@BadMoonT2 are you on the map?


Not sure what an unlimited is. Anyway I’m from Arkansas.


An unlimited is a person who is actively working to not let their diabetes dictate what they do.





@jag1 @CarolynA ?


CarolynA is in Colorado, got her on there already.


Well I am into tight control, so maybe that qualifies. I notice there is no spell checker, anyway to turn that on?


I have @jag1 pegged as a new Englander. Maybe jersey. We’ll see if I’m right. Maybe mass but you’ve already got it


The map is really just a listing of where our members are from. Everyone who has signed up is welcome. Being unlimited doesn’t mean we have already achieved that, it really is just a mindset that you don’t want diabetes to dictate what you do in your life.

We don’t have any requirement (tight control or not), but rather the mindset that we hope this site helps to foster in the diabetic community.