Personally, I believe there are few things in life better than molten lava cake so I would have to say it’s worth the insulin :grin:


Never had it, and if I’m smart, I never will. That looks like something I could definitely have very serious problems with… and that’s before I even worry about what it would do to my blood sugar. :grin:


It says it’s mini, so that means it’s ok. It definitely looks bolus-worthy.


I second @glitzabetes ’ opinion. Worth every single little drop of insulin.


Don’t forget to subtract the 3 grams of fiber…lol


Not too shabby so far. The meal components included:

Kids pepperoni pizza = 67g (65 after removing the fiber)
Kids cup of sweet tea = 8g per cup x 2 cups = 16g
Kids bowl of mashed potatoes = 32g (28 after fiber)
The displayed Mini Molten Lava Cake = 82g (79 after removing fiber)
Plus he loves the chips and salsa and he probably had 1/4 bowl himself so that’s…whole bowl = 112g (102 after removing fiber), so / 4 = 28 grams (guessed on this)

So, in all, he had 216 carbs. :stuck_out_tongue: Over 11 units of Insulin delivered.

The meal was at 3’ish. Here’s what he’s looked like so far since the meal. I know he had a lot of starchy foods so we can expect a rise later, but I have my bolus “rage finger” ready. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Glad someone is having a childhood, an unlimited childhood! :grinning:


I’m with you. That meal would kill me even without diabetes. :rofl:

My version of #unlimited would be taking that as inspiration and making a Jen-allergen-free, low-carb version I could eat. :grinning:

Carbohydrates aside, I’m curious how many calories that entire meal had!


It’s a kids meal and if a kid wants it, they should be able to have it. :slight_smile: That’s my perspective on it.


To answer the question, though:

Pizza = 650
Tea = 30 cal x 2 = 60
Mashed Potatoes = 380
Chips and Salsa = 228 (1/4 bowl)
Mini molten lava cake = 570

For a grand total of 1,888 calories.

And when he’s even at 50%th percentile in weight, we’ll start worrying about caloric intake. :slight_smile:

We hardly ever go out to a restaurant so when we do go, he gets what he wants (all my kids do.)


In my house, there is no such thing as glut-free, low-fat, allergen-free, low carb, etc., etc. Just plain ol’ food that I grew up eating. Now, if one of them acquires allergies to something then we’d have to relook things. i.e., we thought for a bit that Liam had Celiac, but he didn’t. So, we just eat plain old food. The only exception is that we only buy organic vegetables whenever I don’t have the garden up and running.

It’s just completely outside my realm of experience, is all. I’ve never been able to eat whatever I want, even before diabetes, due to food allergies. Which are different in that they are absolute. So that’s why I don’t equate food with unlimitedness myself, because then I would never be able to be unlimited. :slight_smile:

Did the blood sugar stay stable in the end?

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To me, food is one of the BEST things about living (2nd only to my loved ones)! I really enjoy different foods from all cultures and like to try everything. I’m trying to teach my children to not roll their nose up at a food until they try it, but I sometimes have to remember to do this myself! I should try to prepare more of the kinds of foods others WITH allergies and other conditions eat to see if I like it before I knock it! I do know I HATE Tofu. Blek. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes! Here were his numbers for the rest of the day and night, yesterday: (You can look at the small center bar for the last 24 hours, to see how he did for the past 24 hours.) Honestly, it was a little too high for my taste (in the 140’s/150’s), but it was during the night and I’m just glad when nights go by where I hear ZERO alarms, get ZERO phone calls, etc., lol. So i’ll take it!


Not much to complain about there for sure!!!

The way I’m a “foodie” person is that I experiment in the kitchen and make versions of recipes from scratch that are safe for me and (at the moment) low in carbohydrates. Then I post to Facebook, and everyone “oohs” and “aahs” over them. It is really quite delicious and rewarding. :slight_smile:

This is how I view most of being unlimited. I may not be able to do everything in exactly the same way as the average person. That is just a fact of life. I can still participate fully in my own way and smash all the barriers and conquer all the goals I want…and to me, that is unlimited. :slight_smile:


For me, restricting carbohydrates is partly a diabetes decision, but partly a weight decision. I can’t say I’d be restricting carbohydrates if I wasn’t 100+ pounds overweight from “eating whatever I wanted” as far as carbohydrates when I was a young adult and first introduced to that mindset. Maybe I will eat more carbohydrates in the future, but only if I can do so without my weight gradually creeping up. I thought it wasn’t a big deal, but ten pounds a year over twelve years really adds up to a bad situation.

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I agree. I live by the motto of “everything in moderation.” Nothing bad like smoking or that sort of thing, and yes, eating whatever one wants has to be accompanied by the other side of that scale - regular exercise. I’ve always eaten what I want and at nearly 50, I’m fine, but I’ve also always been active. 11 years in the Army and martial arts of one kind or another since 17 yo.

My sisters have some health conditions that have resulted in additional weight and it’s not attributed to “eating”, so I get that some people have more challenges, slower metabolisms and health issues that cause additional weight gain, but if someone has my mentality of “eating whatever they want”, then shouldn’t have that mentality in a bubble…that mentality has to also be shared with the mentality of “everything in moderation” along with "exercise is critical!)

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