It has come to my attention that true metrix go meters can’t be purchased online, or apparently anywhere in Alaska…

So I propose a trade. Anyone wants to purchase one at a cvs or Walgreens where they live and send it to me, and I’ll mail them jars of wild Alaskan sockeye salmon and / or a bottle of home-made wine if they’re old enough (there’s a few week wait on the wine). (There’s also a mail in rebate that supposedly makes the purchase free to the initial purchaser, but I never actually received the rebate when I submitted for it myself)

Apparently a lot of cvs and Walgreens stores don’t actually carry them but the website shows which local stores do…

@Sam If that’s the one that fits on the top of the strip container I can just send you the one I have. It’s not brand new and probably needs a battery, but if you want it it’s yours.

It’s the newer one that does, the older one is the true2go

The newer one is the true metrix go

Yeah, I just dug it out of my beetus box and saw it’s a Tru2Go. I’ll look at the local CVS here in San Antonio on Monday.

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I would gladly do this, but @docslotnick beat me to it. First he gets diagnosed 10 months before me, and now he scores the salmon and wine. I can’t win. :smile:


I’ll send you some too. We’re all winners here.

I’ll find something good for you here and send it your way.

@Eric Well, I’m also older than you by about a decade :joy:
So maybe you’ll catch me in about 40-50 years :cheeky:

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@Sam Okie dokie Sam. Now where would you like me to send it?

Wait, I can give you this info!!!

Somewhere in Alaska

(BTW - 42, because my oldest son believes “42” is the answer to answer to life, the universe and everything.)


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Maybe I should just address it to:
Santa Claus
North Pole

That’s pretty close by.

Don’t send it to Santa Claus. There’s actually a small town named North Pole, ak… and of course there’s Santas workshop and gift store there… I actually think every letter addressed to santa in North Pole actually gets delivered there

I’ll pm you address