2017 FUDiabetes Unlimited Unconference?

We have mentioned this a few times jokingly.

Should we think about seriously?

If enough of us are willing, I am proposing:

  • mid or late summer (August when the weather is still good)

  • Meeting in the Midwest which is easier to reach for most rather than the coasts

  • Offering my house as our first conference center. We can have about 40 people, or more if the weather is good, in a conference setting. We can also crash about 25 people around the house if nobody is worried about too much sleeping comfort. If we have many more people, I can book my village’s social center for a conference center.

  • We have a large pool, a river alongside with a canoe and a couple of kayaks (downtown is 1.5 miles downriver), a bike path by the house, a bunch of bikes, and no neighbors.

  • Flying into Milwaukee airport, about 45 minutes away. Driving distance from Chicago, possibly Minneapolis.

Or – we can make it happen anywhere else that makes sense.

I am sure we can get some good presenters, and have some great debates on exciting topics.


I’m all for it… although mid-late summer is pretty booked up with my schedule unless we wanted to do it in late June or late August.

I heard you have good wine?

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I have a great bottle – that I will keep for the Unlimited Unconference!

I’m in if I can fit it in with all of the kids’s sports. Late summer would probably work for me.

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I love the idea! I’m going to be in Fargo/MN area late July so I probably can’t make it back in August but will try to fit it in whenever it is scheduled.

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^cut this guy off after 2 drinks. It’ll be better for everyone.

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If we both go we can share a rental car from o’hare @kenrick

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Unfortunately, my family size and commitments makes it nearly impossible for me to “plan” for anything…if the time comes around and we a) have the means and b) have the time, no one’s sick, no life’s crisis’ to be dealt with, no work related issues, then we’d certainly be down for making a road trip. Since getting out of the Army, I don’t fly anywhere (phobia) so we’d plan a road-trip around it.

It does sound fun, though!

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Are you sure, we might be able to arrange a low pass and LAPES you out of one of these.

No LAPES for me. Thanks, though! Those days are gone. Bad back, bad knees, bad everything. The only dropping, tucking and rolling I do now is when I fall out of bed…

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@CatLady’s great write-up on TCOYD reminded me of this thread. Is this something we should try for?

I’m still interested… I suspect it might be hard to find a time that a lot of us are free to travel sinultaneously though… I have a hard enough time coordinating trip timing with people who live in the same house. I’d really like to see it come together though

@Michel, great idea (even better because you’re so close)!